Les projets soutenus par ENGIE Rassembleurs d’Energies en Afrique
ENGIE Rassembleurs d'Energies

Donation to ICSEE

ICSEE (the International Collaborative for Science, Education and the Environnent) has been supporting the Massai communities of North-East Tanzania since 2009 with awareness-raising information about safer, energy-efficient cooking stoves and helping with their installation. These fuel-efficient stoves have flues that extract the smoke they produce, and are accompanied by solar power systems that generate sufficient power for lighting and cellphone charging. In 2013, Codegaz worked alongside ICSEE in partnership with the Group Foundation.

Investment in FENIX International

FENIX International is an innovative company that distributes high-quality individual power supply solutions for off-grid communities in East Africa, beginning with Uganda and followed by Kenya, Tanzania and other countries. It is led by a top-class management team and distributes its products in partnership with cellphone service providers (MTN, Vodafone and Orange), giving it a very high potential for growth going forward. ENGIE Rassembleurs d’Energies is supporting the growth of FENIX by contributing to the second round of funding for the company.

Donation to FREEME/PlaNet Finance

The FreemE project set up to promote renewable energy and energy efficiency in Morocco and Egypt aims to encourage the growth of renewables in both countries through the use of microfinance initiatives. This project is structured around four key priorities: boosting the capabilities of local and international stakeholders, supporting micro-entrepreneurs in marketing efficient appliances, developing appropriate financial models and setting up an energy micro-finance fund, and raising public awareness of renewables. The project has benefited 4,800 people in these two countries, and provided information to around 2,400 micro-entrepreneurs and low-income households.

Donation to Fondation Energies pour le Monde

In 2011, the Fondation Énergies pour le Monde and ENGIE formed a partnership to implement an electricity access program for six areas of Kourittenga province in central Burkina Faso. This program aims to facilitate the involvement of a private operator and potential investor in solar system installation, operation and management.

Investment in PEG Ghana

More than 75% of people living in rural Ghana still light their homes with Kerosene, but PEG Ghana, the company set up at the end of 2014 with 100 employees, now distributes sustainable power supply solutions backed by innovative funding packages through a network of 25 branches. These personal solar systems generate sufficient power for lighting, cellphone charging and small electrical appliances via a Pay As You Go scheme for off-grid communities. By the end of 2015, the company was serving more than 43,000 people. ENGIE Rassembleurs d’Énergies made the decision to invest in PEG Ghana at the time of its formation and to support the company as it grows.

Investment in BBOXX

With an operating presence in Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda, BBOXX also works through franchises in 10 African countries where it has brought lighting into the lives of 250,000 people since 2010. The company distributes personal solar systems with a range of different power ratings, including one rated at 50 watts, which includes a set of lamps, a cellphone charger and a TV via a Pay As You Go payment scheme based on a monitoring system built around big data technology.

Investment in SIMGAS

Simgas designs, produces and distributes reliable, affordable, modular biodigesters to subsistence farmers in Tanzania. These solutions offer their users a 100% renewable source of gas for cooking (thereby combating deforestation) and organic fertilizers that increase their crop yields. Its production plant in Tanzania makes Simgas the leading supplier of personal biodigesters in Africa today.

Investment in AUSAR Energy

AUSAR Energy designs and sells turnkey renewable power generating plants rated at between 50kW and 2.5MW, with storage solutions that bring energy self-sufficiency to isolated locations or feed-in power for microgrids, backed by tailored funding solutions. With support from ENGIE and Adetel, the company targets primarily the Moroccan and Senegalese markets.