ENGIE Cylergie is experimenting in the field, with innovative technological solutions for energy efficiency management and equipment support. Its principal mission is sharing innovation.

Introduction to ENGIE Cylergie


ENGIE Cylergie, which is attached to the Energy Services business line, is based near Lyon. Its skills are used for energy services activities. Special emphasis is placed on energy efficiency, controlling the impact on air quality and health, and monitoring performance commitments.

Its priority research areas are:

  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Energy management
  • Metrology and remote systems
  • Renewable energy and the new energy technologies
  • Air quality and health

Developments at the cutting edge of technology

Here are some notable examples among ENGIE Cylergie’s achievements:

  • Development of heat conduction simulator software (SCORE) for use initially by technicians in energy management training by reproducing identically all possible settings on a boiler room to result in better management of facilities
  • Work on indoor air quality (Elena, Filtration, Collectair, etc.)