ENGIE Italy offers its help for hospitals that wish to expand to fight Covid-19

By ENGIE - 01 April 2020 - 13:02

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Italy is facing an unprecedented challenge, being the first western country to face the extensive outbreak of this virus. To contribute to the fight, ENGIE Italy will provide free electricity, gas and technical assistance for the construction or extension of new medical units, dedicated to Covid-19 in 93 Italian hospitals, under its management.


On the front line of the fight against Covid-19, ENGIE Italy teams are operating in 93 Italian hospitals, including the Lazzaro Spallanzani National Institute for Infectious Diseases, in Rome, and the Luigi Sacco Hospital in Milan. These hospitals and medical structures are spread throughout the country, from North to South, including the islands.


ENGIE Italy is by their side and all of these structures can benefit from our offer, in continuity of current contracts. With this offer, we provide for 6 months free energy, services and technical assistance for all their new extensions related to Covid-19.


Among our 3600 employees in Italy, 660 technicians are working on the field to oversee the 93 hospitals, 24/7, and guarantee their operation with technological and energy services.


Their interventions are vital to keep the hospitals up and running. Among them, air filtration, which is one of the most delicate and risky operations, is essential for medical care, especially in intensive care units.

This offer is a concrete answer from ENGIE Italy teams in a historical moment.

“We are honored to serve and support hospitals!”

Roberto Rossi, Director B2T ENGIE Italy, explains why it was important for ENGIE teams to offer Italian hospitals their help.

Roberto Rossi

Why do you propose this additional offer?

Roberto Rossi : ENGIE has always considered customers as partners to be accompanied, supported and with whom to create value. In Italy, among our customers, we have many hospitals. So, we have decided to give a concrete and significant signal, at a national level, to the crucial and fundamental sector: health. Our offer to Hospitals is intended as a concrete contribution to their daily commitment, especially in such a critical moment.


What is the project that is closest to your heart? What challenge does it represent?

Roberto Rossi : According to me, there is one that is in the very first line in the fight against this pandemic, it is the National Institute for Infective Diseases Lazzaro Spallanzani in Rome, an authentic excellence in the global landscape on the topic.

Our ENGIE technicians supervise this hospital 24/7, and guarantee the cleaning of filters, the hydraulic, heating and air conditioning services and the maintenance of electrical and mechanical systems. These interventions are essential and vital to maintain the full functionality of the hospital. Among the most delicate and risky operations is air filtration, fundamental to keep quality air levels, especially in the areas most exposed to patients in intensive care or hospitalized in specific Covid-19 units. We are honored to serve and support hospitals.


In concrete terms, technicians are in the field: what do you want to tell them to keep up?

Roberto Rossi : Our technicians are our strength. All the top management, in particular our CEO Damien Terouanne, who is personally and daily involved, wishes to encourage them and to let them know how much all ENGIE is proud of them!

We are grateful to them both as colleagues and as citizens. To them, as to the health workers, our thanks go for the tenacity and the deep sense of responsibility. Italy, starting with those in the front line, is showing that it knows how to be a competent, responsible and united country. At ENGIE Italy, we give the evidence of a daily, concrete and effective contribution. We are proud to do our part.