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ENGIE x Faurecia

How can we support an industrial company with a global footprint in its carbon neutral plan?

By ENGIE - 13 June 2022 - 16:44

Determined to become carbon neutral by 2025 on scopes 1 and 2*, Faurecia, a major player in the global automobile industry, owned by the FORVIA group, is committed to the "use less and use better" principles and improving its energy independence by reducing its energy procurement by 25%. To meet this challenge, Faurecia has entered into a long-term partnership with ENGIE. 


The ENGIE solution, a comprehensive partnership that is split into two phases: an energy efficiency programme and local, renewable and decarbonised energy generation

To support Faurecia on its journey towards carbon neutrality, ENGIE Impact, the ENGIE Group entity that specialises in services and solutions dedicated to sustainable development, is providing a comprehensive end-to-end service.

The first phase was rolled out in July 2021 with the reduction in energy consumption through the deployment of innovative digital energy management solutions and the installation of more energy efficient equipment on 100 sites in Europe, China, Brazil, the United States and Mexico. The roll out of this vast energy performance programme will enable the automobile specialist to reduce its energy consumption by 15%**. 


Solar energy financed through PPAs

In March 2022, Faurecia entrusted ENGIE with the supply, installation, operation and maintenance of electricity generation units using solar energy in 10 countries. And, when maximum generation capacity is achieved during 2024, the solar panels will have a total capacity of over 45MW, over a total area of around 45 hectares. Each of the sites will have its own renewable and decarbonised energy, with enough capacity for its needs.

These installations are financed through Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), which meets Faurecia's requirement of not investing directly in the means of generation while benefiting locally from the energy generated. The 2nd stage of the partnership will increase Faurecia's energy independence by 7% compared to 2019 and represents a major step in its decarbonisation programme.



"Renewable energy generation on our sites is a key commitment to achieve our goal of carbon neutrality. This strategic collaboration with first-rate global partners enables us to speed up and improve our energy resilience in a more sustainable way. ”
Patrick Koller, Managing Director of Forvia



Key figures about the partnership

  • 100 sites in which energy solutions are being rolled out until the end of 2024. 
  • 10 countries in which Faurecia sites will be home to solar panels (France, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Brazil, India, Mexico, Morocco, South Africa).
  • Around 45 hectares, the overall surface area covered by solar panels, with a maximum generation capacity of 45 MW.
  • 10 years, the term of the Energy Performance Contracts.
  • 15 years, the term of validity of the PPAs.
  • Over 400, the number of Faurecia employees involved on a daily basis in this partnership.
  • 2025, Faurecia's carbon neutrality goal for scopes 1 and 2, 2050 for all 3 scopes.


*Direct emissions (scope 1) and indirect emissions linked to energy consumption (Scope 2). Scope 3 covers other indirect emissions.
**Based on a consumption baseline of 600 GWh.