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By ENGIE - 19 May 2022 - 11:40

ENGIE sees green hydrogen as a vital element in the energy transition. Having been something of a trailblazer over the last few years, developing the energy of the future through innovation and research, it is now time for action! We have passed a new milestone: our hydrogen projects are scaling up to become industry benchmarks.


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Green hydrogen: ENGIE passes the milestone of industrialisation

2022 will mark a turning point in the history of green hydrogen. A year during which, as we drive ahead with research and innovation, we are ready to roll out huge projects by applying complex, often unprecedented technical solutions... Read more


"Our conviction is that hydrogen is a key energy carrier to drive us towards a carbon neutral economy. It links networks, renewables and our customers' decarbonisation goals."


Our flagship hydrogen projects

It is the gas that enables the energy transition to get underway fast, the missing link that can store intermittent renewables and supply energy on demand. It meets almost all energy uses: industrial processes, mobility, in particular heavy-duty mobility, and more. Operating throughout the entire value chain of this essential gas, ENGIE is working to drive its industrialization. Over the coming weeks, ENGIE will be presenting an overview of the projects that are making this industrial scale-up a reality.

The Netherlands and Europe / HyNetherlands

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The Netherlands and Europe / HyNetherlands, the future hub connecting Europe's H2 networks to decarbonise industry and mobility. #Launch on 9 May 2022

Offshore wind farms powering the world's largest electrolysis facility (100 MW capacity) to produce green hydrogen, combined with biogenic carbon capture from a waste-to-energy plant to produce e-methanol: a virtuous chain designed to decarbonise industry and mobility in the north of the Netherlands is the first component of HyNetherlands, an exceptional project paving the way for a European hydrogen hub.

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South Africa / RHyno

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South Africa / RHyno, an extraordinary mining haul truck powered by renewable hydrogen to decarbonise the mining industry. #Inaugurated on 6 May 2022.

To decarbonise its mining business, Anglo American called on ENGIE to develop an integrated renewable hydrogen solution, including production, compression, storage, and filling in record time. A solution that now supplies the world's largest hydrogen-powered mining haul truck, with a loading capacity of 290 tonnes. Hydrogen brings an end to diesel!

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Did you know?

One kilo of hydrogen carries three times more energy than petrol and 100 times more than electric batteries. Liquid hydrogen has a density that is twice that of compressed hydrogen. These strengths make it the fuel of the future.


More fun facts about hydrogen?

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Ambitious goals for a sector with great potential

H2 2030


H2 mobility

The H2 sector in action: next steps

Pilot projects and demonstrators continue to open up the possibilities for renewable hydrogen. Two examples in decarbonising a business sector and developments in storage, a crucial stage in the value chain.


4 ways to decarbonise the mining industry using green hydrogen

Can green hydrogen help to significantly reduce the mining industry's carbon footprint? Yes, because it can be used as a fuel for heavy-duty vehicles, an energy source for generating "hydrogen electricity" to power production processes, and a raw material for making explosives. It has caught the interest of the mining industry for all these reasons, and ENGIE is strategically placed to advise and support industry players. Here we explain all, with a focus on some ongoing projects. Read more.


Hydrogen storage: the HyPSTER project innovates

Currently under development on the French site of Etrez (located between Geneva and Lyon), HyPSTER is the first green hydrogen storage demonstrator in a salt cavern, supported by the Clean Hydrogen Partnership – the successor of the Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH JU). With a total budget of 13 million euros, it aims to better identify the position of storage in the hydrogen value chain, and in the long term, to support the development of the hydrogen sector in Europe. Read more