Between May 22 and June 11, ENGIE will focus on this partnership with the Roland Garros stadium, highlighting its know-how through the supply of 100% green energy, innovation, sustainability and charity initiatives supported by the ENGIE Foundation.

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ENGIE, official supplier of electricity and air conditioning for the French Open tennis tournament

Since 2015, ENGIE has covered all the energy needs of the Roland Garros stadium, supplying the French Tennis Federation with 100% renewable green energy through its AlpEnergie1 offer, intended for businesses and local authorities. Our winning AlpEnergie offer, selected by the French Tennis Federation, saw the light of day in 2004 and has already been adopted by more than 48,000 sites belonging to companies and local authorities. Our offer guarantees the stadium with the three-year supply of electricity with a Guarantee of Origin label stemming from 100% renewable sources, mainly hydro and solar power.

Since 2011, ENGIE Cofely has been providing maintenance of the stadium’s technical installations focus on the management of air conditioning, ventilation and self-cooling systems. During the tournament, ENGIE Cofely’s teams will be present 24 hours a day to ensure the comfort of competitors and spectators alike.

Mobile phones charged by the Wind Tree

As part of its program “Sustainable Energy for All”, the ENGIE Foundation has “planted” a Wind Tree (Arbre à Vent®) at the entrance to the Presidential Stand in the Roland Garros stadium. The Wind Tree, showcased at COP21 in 2015, was designed by NewWind. It is the first biomimetic wind energy system.

At the Roland Garros stadium, the Wind Tree powers four mobile phone charging terminals, each of which charges eight phones, allowing up to 32 visitors at a time to recharge their phones. Combining high tech and attractive design, the Wind Tree brings a new esthetic and emotional dimension to urban landscapes. Through the Wind Tree, the ENGIE Foundation is raising public awareness of the issues of renewable energies.

Bees at Roland Garros

The ENGIE Foundation is committed to promoting biodiversity and raising environmental awareness. It has joined forces with a French artists’ collective, Parti Poétique, and the French Tennis Federation to reintroduce bees and install permanent hives on the roof of the Club des Loges building at Roland-Garros.

Thanks to the ENGIE Foundation, Roland Garros has a sixth hive this year. As a result, more than 360,000 bees are foraging ion the roof of the Club des Loges Garros. Several harvests have been carried out in previous years.

Parti Poétique was founded in 2004 to promote the principle or urban pollination. It installs beehives in public spaces to raise general awareness of the importance of the role played by bees in our environment. After three years of operation, pots of Roland Garros honey are available.

Green Teams

ENGIE, the energy partner of Roland Garros, is sending Green Teams to the tournament. Their role is to help spectators discover a number of sustainable development initiatives, in an original way.

This year, for the first time, the Green Teams will be armed with tablets which they will use to give the public an unusual and enjoyable experience of sustainable development through augmented reality. Depending on how the tablet is positioned and directed, the spectators will be able to see content in 3D.

The aim is to increase spectators’ awareness of sustainability initiatives, to challenge them and to encourage them to interact with sustainable development and with the environment.

“Come and play at Roland Garros!”

On the occasion of the traditional Roland Garros Children’s Day, ENGIE is once again offering “Tennis Au Féminin” fans the opportunity to play a few minutes of tennis on one of the tournament’s official courts. This has also been made possible for 200 children invited by Fête Le Mur, a charity founded by Yannick Noah and supported by the ENGIE Foundation since 1999.

The AlpEnergie option has a “Guarantee of Origin” label under the terms of order no. 2011-1105 dated 14/09/2011. This order guarantees the end-user that the ENGIE Group will purchase electricity equivalent to the customer’s consumption from 100% renewable sources. The Guarantee of Origin certifies the origin of production. On January 1, 2012, the Guarantee of Origin became the only valid certification in France. ENGIE provides Guarantee of Origin certificates issued by an authorised certification body for all customers who request them.