Lobbying and interest representatives

Code of conduct on Lobbying

The code of conduct on lobbying provides a framework for the Group's lobbying activities by adopting commitments that allow ENGIE to be known while remaining mindful of the general interest. This code applies to all lobbyists acting on behalf of the Group, whether they are employees or representatives of the Group. This code meets the Group's commitments in terms of transparency, integrity and reliability.
ENGIE rejects influence peddling and corruption in all their forms. It prohibits any financing of political activities, including in countries where such financing is authorized and regulated by law. 

In accordance with its commitment not to participate in the financing of political activities, the Group did not participate in any financing of this nature in 2023 (the same applies to 2022).

ENGIE North America Inc, a subsidiary of the North America region, has authorised a political action committee ("PAC") through which employees in the United States can contribute individually and in their own name to political parties or actions, which is then used to support candidates and political parties. ENGIE Group companies do not make any financial contributions to these funds and have no influence on how these funds are allocated.

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Supervision of interest representatives in the Group ENGIE

ENGIE is registered in the directory of the “Haute Autorité pour la transparence de la Vie Publique” (HATVP) as an interest representative within the meaning of the Sapin 2 Act, as are its entities.
ENGIE declares annually to the HATVP its interest representation actions carried out during the year.
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