Franck Bruel

"We are firmly convinced that gas is an energy of the future and will play an essential role in the European energy mix. Biogas is a perfect answer to three key challenges that will be increasingly important in the years to come: clean energy, environmental footprint and circular economy. Several studies show the huge potential of biomass in Europe and in the world. Experts scenarios1 demonstrate that France could produce 100% green gas in 2050.

Green gas should also play a major role in decarbonizing the transportation sector, which is actually responsible for 23% of global CO2 emissions.

ENGIE has the ambition to become a market maker. The Group is already actively investing, developing, engineering, building and operating first anaerobic digestion units in France and in the Netherlands with numerous on-going projects around the world.

Regarding gasification, the Group is a front runner to grid technology with Gaya demonstrator and new projects are on stream with a consequent R&D program.

Our ambition is to foster the use of biogas, in particular grid injection, decentralized power production and mobility, develop technology, industrialize and scale up the sector so that biogas and biomethane become affordable and competitive. To do so, ENGIE will bring its industrial know-how at international scale, such as energy management, engineering, services as well digital, to bring innovative solutions to our customers."

1 ADEME, Negawatt.

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