Intervention of Isabelle Kocher  for the  Minds and Machines Forum


Isabelle Kocher

 The Minds and Machines forum was organised at the Cité de la Mode et du Design (in Paris) on the initiative of Jeff Immelt, the CEO of General Electric, and it brought together the leaders of large European industrial groups for a day of discussions on the theme of digital transformation.

As Isabelle Kocher sees it, a shift in attitudes and growing citizen awareness is bringing with it a shift in the ways that we produce and consume, and this touches on all sectors of the economy. The hotel industry and transportation have been the first affected by this transformation, with the rise of AirBnB and Blablacar, for example.

So industrial groups need to start a drive for permanent innovation, to meet these new expectations. For example, the technical potential for wind turbines could meet current world demand six times over: this calls for a logic of open-mindedness and partnership, to promote local dialogue on the issue.



ENGIE has chosen to transform the way it works by adopting a strategy of ambitious innovation, articulated in the digital transformation of the Group. This strategy is made up of three major lines of approach:

  • a €1,5 billion investment in digital,
  • an audacious, open mindset, which seeks to change old ways of working,
  • partnership platforms: platforms for technological skills, intrapreneur expression and outwards openness.



ENGIE has thrown itself into this work in many different ways already: Innovation Week, Labs with Research & Technologies management, partnership with General Electric, and much more. The objective? To target and then massively deploy new and innovative business models, of which a large number are still to be invented.