Yann Rolland

Article published published on LinkedIn, on September 14, 2018

Copenhagen is one of the world’s most liveable cities and fuses quality of life at a local level. This thanks to its innovative approach to climate challenges and the environment, especially in being one of the world’s best cities for cyclists. With an ambition to become the first carbon-neutral capital city by 2025, Copenhagen has shown remarkable results in addressing the urban challenges of the environment, traffic safety and congestion and has therefore embraced intelligent transport systems (ITS) and green mobility innovations. This includes making public transport more attractive and less polluting as well as raising the average speed of cyclists by using ITS solutions to prolong green lights. ITS is one of the very key elements to make a liveable and healthy city in improving traffic flow as well as road safety and promoting public transport and cycling.

At ENGIE, we share this vision and we provide solutions for improving mobility in the urban environment from systems for efficient mass transit, alternative fuels (electricity, biogas and natural gas, hydrogen) to ITS and intermodality. As such, we managed to support the cities of Rio de Janeiro and Niteroï in reducing the time spent in traffic jams of up to 30%. This in combining, through our platform Livin’, the security cameras and traffic light controllers, the two cities linked by a bridge across the Rio bay to smooth out the traffic flows in relation to its intensity. The system also manages the traffic flows in exceptional events such as the World Cup of soccer – a national pride and general preoccupation.

It was fascinating to observe mobility flows through our system in the period of major soccer games. The traffic infrastructure was empty when the national team was playing, but extremely stressed and saturated right after their final whistle. The ITS adapted perfectly as people were able to transit very fast and that marked the success of the Livin’ implementation in Brazil. As we are very sensitive in building advanced systems adapted to a local culture and respectful to its citizens. Stories that combine local ideals and national values, reflected in our locally deployed systems, are nourishing our engineers to make things better and better wherever they go.

I therefore invite you to join us at the ITS World Congress in Copenhagen next week (17-21 September) to share these stories and make our cities greener and liveable. At ENGIE (floorplan C3-017), we will be pleased to introduce you to our initiatives from #Icomera #EngieIneo #Navineo #Siradel and #EngieDigital to improve everyday transportation solutions … and to our #BetterMobilityToday approach with our integrated Operating System #LivinOS and #MobilityHubs.