This article, by ENGIE Ineo Business Development Director Philippe Gaborit, was published by LinkedIn
on June 20, 2018


Navineo, it's a success story !

Today, Navineo draws together smart hyper-relevant Transportation Systems and Services to inform and support a new mobility model that is now emerging in real time. Navineo is also the outcome of a collective effort involving engineers, developers, technicians and experts, all committed to creating values that will ensure a better quality of urban life for everyone, and I’m proud to be able to make my contribution to that.

What could be more stimulating than working alongside transportation industry stakeholders on conceptualizing their digital and urban infrastructures? And that’s exactly what we’re doing in Nouméa, where the Syndicat Mixte des Transports Urbains du Grand Nouméa (SMTU) is redefining the face of its future network. This new contract is an excellent example of how the unique capabilities of Navineo enable our customers to control the performance of the services they offer, make the process of travel smoother and provide travelers with a personalized, safe and seamless experience.

Permanently one step ahead in urban mobility

The ability to work and live on the move, thin client technology and information availability everywhere at any time... Navineo draws on behavioral observation and analysis to adapt and meet the growing expectations our users have of their travel experience and travel options. Troyes has once again opted to use Navineo to generate reliable, real-time information that is then made widely available to its passengers. The transportation network also enthusiastically welcomed the mobile versions of operating systems that enable staff to access Navineo from a tablet, freeing them from the need to be tied to a control center workstation.

Predictive data... welcome to tomorrow’s transportation

The Navineo Data Analysis module covers an enormous range of options, from maintenance support tools to traffic management, and the passenger experience to security. Its data analysis capabilities are rooted in one of ENGIE Ineo's most advanced areas of expertise. Forecasting travel traffic with integrated road, weather, event and other data. This is the challenge posed by the M2i project, which we are partnering and whose ultimate aim is to provide integrated, centralized mobility management for the Paris Region. We’re taking bus travel time predictions to a new level of accuracy by taking account of actual traffic conditions. Data is also a very important and powerful lever for a greener mobility! If public transit systems are punctual and connected, if passenger information is instantly available and reliable, and if we drive innovation to make these forms of transportation more accessible, attractive and safe, everyone will want to use it. That’s our commitment and our contribution to reducing urban pollution.

Revolutionizing the market

We’ve already acted ahead of major evolutionary changes in mobility. Those changes began with the autonomous shuttle and electric car sharing services. They’re also affecting standards, which may be less talked about, but which we are absolutely convinced are key. Which is why we are founding members of the European ITxPT (Information Technology for Public Transport) standardization program. We advocate for open systems that benefit not only our customers, but also local authorities. And that’s why we’re developing standardized embedded architectures and plug-n-play systems that are easy, cost-effective and fast to roll out, even on a large scale.

Going even further in global energy management!

Our customers are focused on energy supply, renewables and applications of energy from renewable sources. With ENGIE, we look even further forward to offer a package of services that cover the supply of energy for electric and/or hydrogen-powered vehicles, and in doing so optimize our customers’ energy consumption by introducing and maintaining an efficient energy balance at every link in the chain. Our Smart electric bus management solution is already attracting a great deal of interest from our customers.

When I joined the sales department in 2012, I set myself the goal of achieving high-profile visibility for Navineo. As we explain to our customers, at a time when forward-looking travel solutions are dovetailing with more traditional models, we are building bridges between them. Envisioning what urban and regional transportation will look like 10 years from now is both our strategy for a new mobility, and a fantastic shared adventure.