Jean-Pierre Clamadieu

Article by Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, CEO at Solvay & Chairman of the Board of Directors at ENGIE, published on LinkedIn on February 28, 2019

Right choices have been made so far: reducing our carbon footprint, positioning our business model on resilient activities, investing in digital and innovative solutions, making the organization more agile and closer to the customers. It set a sound basis for the strategic review we started a few months ago with the Board of Directors under a new governance scheme.

Contributing to the fight against climate change is our first priority. We are convinced that this opens up very significant growth opportunities for our Client Solutions and Renewables offer. To maximize our impact, we need to concentrate our geographical footprint and streamline our organization. The positions and the know-how we have developed over many years in infrastructure and thermal generation will also help us being successful. Overall, we are willing to invest more than 11-12 bn€ in growth Capex in the next 3 years to support this strategy.

This ambition is strongly supported by the Board of Directors. I believe we are in a unique position to provide our public and private customers with integrated and competitive solutions in order to help them achieve the zero carbon scenario they are aiming at. This will drive our growth and profitability improvement allowing us to generate sustainable shareholders and stakeholders value.

Almost a year after my appointment as Chairman of ENGIE, I had the opportunity to meet our teams in France and Belgium, but also in the US, Singapore, China, Brazil, … I was impressed by their enthusiasm, their competencies and their commitment. I know we can count on them to make it happen !