Yann Rolland

Article by Yann Rolland, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of ENGIE Ineopublished on May 28, 2018

How can we make public transit more attractive in a world where we are all trying to spend our time in useful and pleasant ways?

In two ways: the routes offered must be optimal and the onboard experience must be attractive.

On the first point, digital platforms are a major advantage. By concentrating real-time data, they provide a comprehensive vision of what is happening in an area in terms of mobility. They therefore contribute to a governance of the public space that is increasingly focused on citizens and their needs. The town of La Baule is the first concrete case of implementing ENGIE’s Livin’ platform, which makes this possible at local level.

On the second point, the traveler’s experience is made attractive thanks to real-time information and entertainment services which rely on a high quality of connectivity on board. These two aspects are proposed respectively by Systrans and Icomera, designers of our principal offers for increasing the well-being of citizens traveling in buses, subways and trains.

These high-performance digital solutions have enhanced our expertise in the construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure.