Ovarith Troeung

Article published on LinkedIn by Ovarith Troeung, Director Green Mobility at ENGIE, May 14, 2019

Zero carbon mobility is not only about decarbonizing our transport modes with green electricity, biogas or green hydrogen, it is also about making our mass transit system energy-efficient and effective, managing smartly our traffic flows and planning our cities for sustainable growth.

I therefore invite you to join for a series of pitches by our ENGIE experts at VivaTech on the 16th of May (ENGIE stand X02 Pavillon 2.2 from 10:30 pm to 15:30 pm) to know more about our zero-carbon mobility solutions:

  • towards zero carbon transport & ecosystems with #Elec’Charge and #Smatch for EVs, #GNVERT’s biogas for heavy duty transport and #Hystart and #Hynovar for green hydrogen ecosystems,
  • towards efficient mass transit with #Navineo for intelligent bus fleets, #Icomera for smart connected transport and #Charge & Go for innovative charging of e-busses,
  • towards smart city management with our #Siradel and #Livin'OS platforms

Moreover we will discuss together at 12.30 pm how to deliver these solutions: Mobility "as a Service*" is about integrating all transport services into a single mobility service accessible on demand. It can also be thought as financing and operating mobility services on behalf of our customers for reaching zero carbon mobility.

Come and visit us at VivaTech on the 16th of May!

*customized for the client, turnkey, co-financed