Putting digital at the heart of everything the Group does

ENGIE has launched a 3-year strategic transformational change plan to put digital technology at the heart of everything the Group does, and establish ENGIE as a leading force in the global energy transition. Over the same period, ENGIE plans to invest €1.5 billion in new businesses and digital technology.

As part of accelerating this transformation, the Group set up its ENGIE Digital skills center in June this year to support its operational entities through the digital transformation in preparation for the product and service offers of tomorrow. In another innovation-driven move, the Group has created ENGIE Tech as a development platform for an ecosystem of partners and a facility for developing the business software used by the Group to deliver its products and services.

Just some of ENGIE's Flagship digitalization projects

  • In customer relations

The digitalization of ENGIE also feeds through into the relationship it has with its customers. Since 2014, ENGIE has been developing a comprehensive package of online services for its domestic customers, ranging from energy self-management to information, online sales and digital billing. This year, more than 30% of customers are using the ENGIE website to manage their own accounts.

  • In energy efficiency

Another project, another target: Vertuoz by ENGIE targets building residents and real estate managers with the offer of a service that analyzes energy bills and identifies opportunities for savings through the use of smart sensors. To date, more than 2.5 million energy bills have been analyzed for 70,000 buildings.

ENGIE has also acquired Retroficiency, the data analysis platform that conducts energy audits for companies, and helps them to reduce their energy consumption. Using its software, ENGIE can double the amount of energy saved.

ENGIE is also developing algorithms capable of optimizing the performance of urban heating and cooling systems. The Nemo project run by Climespace, CPCU and ENGIE Réseaux plans to optimize 52 of these networks serving more than 1 million homes and 5 million m2 of business space. This project underlines the Group's commitment to improving energy efficiency for the benefit of urban and regional communities through innovation.


  • In renewables

ENGIE is engaged in building a digital platform designed to optimize its generation of energy from renewable sources across six European countries. France, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium and Poland already have 68 wind farms and 14 solar farms. This platform could soon host the data for all ENGIE Group renewable energy assets worldwide, giving it the ability to forecast maintenance requirements, identify areas of under-performance, and provide field technicians with instructions in real time.

And because digitalization is inseparable from innovation

ENGIE is working alongside project developers internally and externally. Since 2014, ENGIE has been stimulating innovation amongst its own employees, and providing them with an internal business incubator scheme. Incubation by ENGIE gives project developers the opportunity to grow their projects as startups in an external partner incubator. The teams benefit simultaneously from the incubator ecosystem, the encouragement it provides, and the support of the ENGIE Group. More than 13 teams are now hard at work in 8 partner business incubators.

And for entrepreneurs with innovative projects, ENGIE has launched its OpenInnov by ENGIE open innovation platform. 2016 has seen significant growth in co-creation projects through the success of this initiative, which has already issued more than 100 calls for projects since the start of the year, has received more than 500 applications, and has led to around €54 million in investment by the ENGIE New Ventures fund.

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