Procurement Charter

The mission of ENGIE’s Procurement function is to support our Group’s performance, sustainability, and competitiveness, through the selection of performing, innovative suppliers which have a positive impact on people and the planet. 
Aurélia Tremblaye, Group CPO, ENGIE


With all of its stakeholders including its suppliers, ENGIE is committing daily to accelerate a fair transition towards a net zero carbon world, thanks to less energy-intensive and more environmentally-friendly solutions.

Guided by its purpose, ENGIE reconciles economic performance and positive impact on people and the planet by relying on its key businesses to provide its customers with competitive and sustainable solutions, while developing ethical business relationships.

As such, ENGIE is an active member of the Global Compact aiming at achieving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, and focuses its actions towards a reduction of its greenhouse gas emissions in line with the Paris Agreement.

Likewise, within the framework of its vigilance plan, ENGIE makes sure that human rights are respected in its supply chains.

To achieve these ambitions, the Procurement function contributes to the reduction of risks in the supply chain through a rigorous supplier management, within the framework of its ethics and corporate social responsibility requirements, implemented in ENGIE’s vigilance plan.

This Charter specifies ENGIE’s commitments and expectations in its relationships with its suppliers and throughout all its supply chains. 

Our commitments


  • Selecting suppliers through a fair, open, and transparent process, relying on the expression of functional requirements, on a scrupulous qualification, and on well balanced set of criteria: technical, environmental, ethical, quality, health & safety, lead times, costs, contractual commitments, and alignment with ENGIE’s purpose. The greenhouse gas emissions reduction criterion is clearly identified and quantified, and its weight in the selection process is increasing over time.
  • Developing, with a dedicated supplier panel, a long term and balanced relationship. toward innovation and efficiency, based on the sharing of opportunities, risks, and information
  • Accompanying the implementation of the Group’s Health & Safety policy in our supply chains.
  • Committing to ethical relationships with our suppliers, according to the Group’s Charter and all of its ethical principles and policies. Ensuring our duties in terms of due diligence and respect of human rights in our supply chains.
  • Contributing to achieving ENGIE’s Net Zero Carbon by 2045 objective, on all 3 scopes.
  • Respecting all applicable laws and regulations, among which those related to payment terms, to competition, and to labour.
  • Identifying niche players and innovative companies through our market watch.
  • Developing partnerships with local key players while limiting the risk of economic dependency with ENGIE.
  • Mobilising inclusive enterprises in our supply chains.
  • Looking for amicable solutions when conflicts arise and, failing this, resorting to ENGIE’s Mediator.

Our expectations towards our suppliers


Health & Safety

Respect the 8 fundamental principles of the Group regarding Health & Safety, as expected by our Group’s businesses (gas, renewable energy, services), and made available on our website

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Ethics, Human Rights, and Societal Responsibility

  • Respect all applicable national and international rules and regulations
  • Prohibit any form of human rights violation and any breach of integrity; prohibit any form of corruption and do not place our employees in a conflict of interest situation.
  • Respect the international standards of the International Labour Organisation, the laws and regulations related to the workers’ fundamental rights, and to labour and employment rights. 
  • Respect ENGIE’s commitments to ethics and human rights in its relationships with its suppliers.
  • Implement, in your organisation and your own supply chains, ENGIE’s objectives in terms of inclusivity, diversity, equal opportunities, and non-discrimination towards your employees. Contribute positively to the development of your community with respect for your stakeholders


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  • Set ambitious objectives in your industrial practices and those of your own suppliers in the fight against climate change, in protecting the environment, and in reducing your greenhouse gas emissions in line with ENGIE’s purpose.
  • Respect all environmental obligations and requirements, among which those pertaining to waste management (treatment, recovery, recycling).
  • Promote all actions aiming at developing a circular economy.
  • Limit all industrial effluents and use safe, environmentally friendly, and energy efficient technologies.