Procurement, sustainable by design


The mission of Procurement is to contribute to ENGIE’s ambition to be the world leader in the transition to zero-carbon “as a service”.

Procurement, sustainable by design!

Understanding and quantifying what really matters in the value chain is a key component of the Group’s strategy.


With an addressable spend of 21,8 billion euros in 2019*, of which 75% in Europe, ENGIE develops and maintains sustainable performance with around 140,000 active suppliers.


Ability to catch suppliers’ best products, services and innovations is essential to act as an assembler of solutions and technologies aimed at delivering zero-carbon transition “as a service” to end customers.

Procurement function manages supplier relations within a system of governance seeking to:


  • contribute significantly to the Group’s operational performance,
  • define a model in terms of the creation of synergies in the Group,
  • be an ambassador for suppliers with respect to the Group’s commitments on Health and Safety and on Environmental and Social Responsibility.


Our main commitments and requirements are defined in the Group's procurement policy

(*except energy)

Our ambition: Engaging with suppliers for a sustainable Business


Intrinsically procurement function, suppliers and subcontractors are essential stakeholders in the Group value chain.


The ENGIE Group Procurement Department has set the goal of implementing by 2020 CSR initiative covering procurement chain management in all entities controlled by the Group. This initiative is broken down into three key commitments:


  • paying on-time our suppliers and subcontractors
  • supporting the subcontractor Health & Safety policy
  • integrating a continuous improvement process for CSR into operational processes, and providing the corresponding training to key contributors


Going forward: a new partnership with a CSR specialist to monitor ENGIE’s suppliers panel


In accordance with the provisions of the Sapin II law and the law relating to the duty of vigilance of parent companies ENGIE has drawn up a Vigilance Plan to prevent risks to its own activities and those of its subsidiaries, subcontractors and suppliers, in France and abroad.


To implement this Vigilance Plan, ENGIE has partnered with EcoVadis to evaluate its Preferred Suppliers in order to monitor and measure the social and environmental performance of its supply chain.


By choosing Ecovadis, ENGIE uses its CSR expertise, online tools which will save time and resources for suppliers on CSR assessments and reporting thanks to:


  • Confidential and efficient CSR questionnaire and expert analysis
  • A CSR Scorecard which can be shared with their other clients as well
  • Tools for benchmarking and improving CSR practices


ENGIE sets targets for preferential & major suppliers, in particular on the onboarding rate and their assessment above a score of 45/100.


EcoVadis has developed a methodology for assessing company CSR engagement against 21 CSR criteria


Suppliers are assessed on a scale numerically represented as scales from 0-100 (0-24=Insufficient,25-44 = Partial, 45-64=Moderate,
CSR criteria covering Environment, Labor & Human rights, Ethics, Sustainable Procurement

Sustainable development

  • Comply with environmental obligations and requirements, in particular those relating to waste management (treatment, recovery, recycling).
  • Limit industrial discharges and use safe, environmentally friendly and energy-saving technologies.


Affinity, a platform to help ENGIE suppliers

ENGIE, with its ambitious social commitment, especially in times of crisis, offers its suppliers an innovative solution to reduce payment times, the Affinity platform.