ENGIE people facing Covid-19

By ENGIE - 14 May 2020 - 18:51

Facing a public health crisis that has profoundly impacted the lives and working conditions of its employees, ENGIE decided to give them an opportunity to speak. Twenty-nine of them, spread throughout the world, agreed to reply to our questions and to let us film them as they gave their accounts. They talk about what they have had to cope with, what they are proud of, what has touched them and what gives them hope.


On March 11, the World Health Organization officially declared the Covid-19 pandemic. The Group adapted its activities in line with local health policies. At the end of April and the beginning of May, we asked employees in all Group business units to tell us about their experience of this unprecedented public health crisis in their own words. Twenty-nine of our employees representing a range of nationalities, including French, Italian, British, Polish, American, Brazilian and Singaporean, answered our appeal and sent us their testimonies by smartphone.

They replied to three questions in particular:

1.    What is the biggest challenge you have had to face during this period of lockdown?
2.    In your opinion, what positive things have come out of the lockdown? 
3.    What kind of post-lockdown world are you dreaming of?
Reasons of length meant thay the contributions of only eighteen of them were used in the final video. 

This video was produced in collaboration with 20 Questions to the World, an association which has been traveling around the world since 2016, collecting answers from people who are asked 20 open questions about their lives, their hopes and their dreams, with the aim of “considering differences as a source of curiosity, rather as a sterile source of fear.”