The ENGIE Innovation platform gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to make their ideas a reality and work together to build the solutions for tomorrow's digital world. So don't hesitate... ENGIE wants your knowledge and expertise!

ENGIE Innovation : a 360° commitment to turning good ideas into operational solutions

The aim of the Group's open innovation commitment is to give startups, entrepreneurs and project sponsors the opportunity to put forward their ideas and receive assistance from ENGIE and its energy and digital technology experts.

This commitment has four cornerstones, all of which are grouped together under the OpenInnov by ENGIE banner:

The OpenInnov by ENGIE calls for projects

ENGIE regularly launches calls for projects in strategic areas of energy :

Selected by a panel of expert judges, the winning startups are supported in their growth by the Group, giving them the opportunity to see their solutions become a reality in the market.

Detecting and tracing refrigerant leaks

Detecting and tracing refrigerant leaks

Existing offers for detecting and tracing leaks of refrigerant are not sufficiently effective at this time: the leakage rates of regrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump systems can vary between 0 and 33%, depending on the sector of activity. ENGIE is looking for economically viable solutions that will make it possible both to detect any leak from a refrigeration or air-conditioning system, and to make the process of tracing leaks easier and more reliable thanks to new tools or sensors.
The cut-off date for project submissions is: February 28, 2018.

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What is the open-innovation by ENGIE Innovation ?