The ENGIE Innovation platform gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to make their ideas a reality and work together to build the solutions for tomorrow's digital world. So don't hesitate... ENGIE wants your knowledge and expertise!

ENGIE Innovation : a 360° commitment to turning good ideas into operational solutions

The aim of the Group's open innovation commitment is to give startups, entrepreneurs and project sponsors the opportunity to put forward their ideas and receive assistance from ENGIE and its energy and digital technology experts.

This commitment has four cornerstones, all of which are grouped together under the OpenInnov by ENGIE banner:

The OpenInnov by ENGIE calls for projects

ENGIE regularly launches calls for projects in strategic areas of energy :

Selected by a panel of expert judges, the winning startups are supported in their growth by the Group, giving them the opportunity to see their solutions become a reality in the market.

Call for solutions for the monitoring of sensitive sites

Call for solutions for the monitoring of sensitive sites

STORENGY operates several underground natural gas storage sites in France to enable the delivery of this energy to consumers throughout the winter. During peak cold periods, more than 50% of the gas can come from storage. The maintenance and monitoring of these sites is carried out by ENGIE Cofely. The objective of this call for projects is to identify and then test innovative monitoring and/or patrol solutions for sensitive gas storage sites, manageable by a technician who would remain in the main room. These solutions should contribute to improving the quality of surveillance and eliminate the risk of accidents for the patrol officer. Deadline for applications: August 30, 2019

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Call for Projects: Digitalisation of the pricing of proposals process

Call for Projects: Digitalisation of the pricing of proposals process

ENGIE Brazil is looking for an innovative solution for building quotes and commercial proposals. Budgets and commercial teams must have more agility in budgeting, access to more reliable information and a better relationship with customers. The solution must be capable to offer a commercial proposal consistent with the needs of the company’s leads and clients. The main objective of this call is to decrease the time required and the cost involved when preparing a proposal. The budgeting process combines efforts from marketing, finance, accounting, human resources, procurement and legal teams. Deadline for applications: October 9, 2019

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What is the open-innovation by ENGIE Innovation ?