La maison connectée
The connected house

What is a smart home?

The term ‘smart home’ means a home in which the centralized automation of systems and appliances allows residents to monitor and control them whether or not they are actually in the house… the result is smart management of energy consumption.

How smart homes make life easier for those who live in them

ENGIE is designing innovations that make homes more sustainable and smarter. The home connected offers a comprehensive panel of smart home systems.  It has been developed and tested by the ENGIE Gas and New Energies Research and Innovation Center (CRIGEN) – a ENGIE laboratory 

As well as controlling energy consumption, it generates and stores its own renewable energy, leaving you free to sell what you don’t use. In addition to boosting comfort levels by programming electrical appliances, it also takes care of their maintenance needs. It looks after your comfort and also your health by offering a series of home systems that enable vulnerable people to carry on living at home and keep a check on their health. Its smoke detectors and window and door sensors allow the smart home to protect itself against intruders and fire.

All of these smart solutions make homes safer, more comfortable, more self-sufficient and cheaper to run on a daily basis.

The connected house

With its connected house, ENGIE is reinventing the home with full-scale testing of the Group’s smart home solutions. Find out more about ENGIE smart home innovations.