The 9 ENGIE Labs span the world, and each is based in a particularly innovative ecosystem where they can build close partnerships with local universities, other research centers, manufacturers and startups.

The purpose of these laboratories is to harness and develop the technologies of the future that will make the Group and its businesses more efficient and effective by boosting operational performance and delivering added value to customers.

Structured by research focus, ENGIE Labs work on four main fields :

  • New energy sources
    • Solar Lab
    • Wind and Hydro Lab
    • Hydrogen Lab
    • Biomass and Biogas Lab
    • Geothermal Lab
  • New uses for energy and the environment
    • Future Home Lab
    • Future Building Lab
    • Future Industry Lab
    • Green Mobility Lab
    • Energy Storage Lab
    • Smart Grids Lab
    • Sociology and Environmental Impacts Lab
    • CO2 and Emissions Lab
  • The digital technologies
    • Data Analytics Lab
    • IoT, Sensors & Nanotechnologies Lab
    • Mobile Apps Lab
    • Cyber Security Lab
    • Grids Modelisation Lab
    • 3D Printing Lab
    • Robots, Drones, and Augmented Reality Lab
  • Operational excellence
    • LNG-CNG Lab
    • Power Plants Lab
    • Gas Networks and Infrastructures Lab
    • Power Networks and Infrastructures Lab

Find out more about the international ENGIE Labs network of Group research & development centers and entities.

International ENGIE Labs network of Group research & development centers and entities

The majority of research work is carried out in the Group’s specialist research centers :

  • ENGIE Lab Crigen is dedicated to gases, new energy sources and emerging technologies.
  • ENGIE Lab Laborelec specializes in the optimization of electricity generation, distribution and supply processes.
  • The key mission of ENGIE Cylergie is sharing innovation to improve equipment energy efficiency.
  • ENGIE Lab Tractebel, dedicated to sustainable energy, nuclear power and transmission / distribution grids.
  • ENGIE Lab Storengy, dedicated to gas storage technologies.
  • ENGIE R&D ENGIE Ineo, Dedicated to digital technologies for sustainable mobility, new energy sources (photovoltaic, wind power and smart grids), industrial processes (automated and robotic systems) and energy performance.
  • ENGIE Lab Singapore
  • ENGIE Lab Middle-East
  • ENGIE Lab Chile