Video – Jean-Pierre Clamadieu: using Climate Week as an opportunity to take action

By ENGIE - 22 September 2020 - 15:10

Climate Week runs from 21 to 27 September in New York and is a global event attended by governments, company leaders and NGOs, all there to discuss climate issues. The ENGIE Group is represented by ENGIE Impact, which will be sponsoring the Live Hub throughout the week. Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, Chairman of ENGIE’s Board of Directors, used the first day of the event to remind people of the week's aims: a crucial opportunity to take action. 


During the interview he gave to the Climate Group (one of ENGIE Impact's partners), Jean-Pierre Clamadieu, Chairman of ENGIE's Board of Directors, reminded us of our duty to facilitate a green recovery at a time when the pandemic has shown just how "fragile our societies are" when up against nature. He pointed out that over the last few years,  ENGIE has transformed its model to ensure that its business and the creation of value are compatible with the transition over to carbon neutrality.

Find the five key moments of his intervention:


Climate Week – a crucial event for speeding up the transition

Jean-Pierre Clamadieu: "Climate Week is a crucial opportunity to gather world leaders together to talk about climate issues and engage in direct and critical discussion about the challenges facing us all. But it shouldn't just be a simple discussion: each and every leader needs to be ready to take action".


The green recovery – a historical opportunity

J-P C: "Most of the recovery plans being implemented throughout the world are heavily weighted towards the ecological transition and tackling climate change. So there are many opportunities for us to speed up our response to climate change – which will be the next major global crisis. We are delighted that attention is currently being paid to hydrogen and energy efficiency – in Europe in particular”.


ENGIE's purpose: transition towards carbon-neutrality

J-P C: "Our purpose is to focus on the transition towards carbon-neutrality and to act for it. Practically, we have decided this year to speed up the exit from coal that we started a few years ago”.


ENGIE is doing more with renewables

J-P C: “This year, we have decided to massively step up our investment in renewables. Renewables account for an increasingly significant share of the energy mixes in many countries. ENGIE is a major developer in renewables and has decided to invest several billions of euros in the sector. We currently have annual installed capacity of 3 GW. In the short term, we want to bring this up to 4 GW.


We have also earmarked a certain number of urban structures, heating and refrigeration networks and charging stations as new priorities. We want to use these resources to support local authorities and governments in what they are doing to tackle climate change". 


ENGIE Impact, a tool to help us achieve carbon neutrality

J-P C: “Last year, we used Climate Week to launch ENGIE Impact (partnering this year's event), our strategic consultancy organisation which focuses on major companies and communities, helping them to implement roadmaps to achieve carbon neutrality. One year later, we have developed a number of programmes and projects which are already starting to show results. Climate Week will be an opportunity to re-establish contact with some of the stakeholders who witnessed the birth of ENGIE Impact and show them the progress we have made and provide evidence of the benefits that this strategy has for climate".