ENGIE partners committed companies with its 360° decarbonization offer

By ENGIE - 14 June 2022 - 16:56

To tackle the climate emergency, ENGIE experts are offering a 360° decarbonization offer to help businesses in the industry and services sector take up this huge challenge.


Along with national governments, citizens and regions, private companies have joined the fight against climate change and made net zero carbon commitments to limit global warming to +1.5°C by 2030. Operating the economy's production apparatus, these companies have some of the highest emissions of the greenhouse gases that cause global warming. 


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75% of GHG emissions come from energy combustion. 
(source: Energy Transition Dashboard)


E360°, ENGIE's decarbonization offer

At ENGIE, we set a target to be net zero carbon by 2045 to strengthen our commitment to the low-carbon economy and help our customers achieve their transition targets, with a goal to avoid 45Mt CO2 emissions a year by 2030. But the equation is a complex one: how can a company achieve this transition and continue to grow? To succeed, our customers must anticipate, reduce their costs and, of course, green their activities.  
With operations across the entire value chain, ENGIE is in a unique position in the market to address these challenges with a comprehensive decarbonization offer, E360°, enabling our customers to take concrete and operational action immediately, and fulfil their commitments and their economic priorities. 


See far ahead, reduce, transform

ENGIE has set a decarbonization trajectory based on three pillars to meet our customers' three challenges. We help them see far ahead by working with them to build a structured roadmap and plan financing for their transformation. To reduce the costs of this transformation, we implement energy efficiency solutions to reduce their energy consumption and lower their costs. Finally, we offer them a full panel of solutions to help them transform: green energy, new mobility solutions, secure supply, green hydrogen, on-site utilities, etc. Our E360° offer comprises nine solutions to support our corporate customers as they carry out their low-carbon transition.

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Your nine challenges, our nine solutions

1 - Design your roadmap

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How to shape your transformation to be a net-zero company? 

Create an achievable decarbonization strategy with ENGIE Impact.
Building an accurate picture of your company's overall environmental footprint, including scope 3 emissions; designing a clear, bankable and achievable roadmap for your decarbonization journey; and fulfilling your stakeholders' expectations to show that you can commit and deliver on your carbon pledges. 

2 - Optimize your energy efficiency

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How can you be sure to save energy and carbon in the long term?

Choose the right combination of solutions and technologies with contractual performance commitments.
Find out more about enforceable energy performance contracts, designed around solutions that suit the specificities of your sites, the benefits of an international performance measurement and verification protocol (IPMVP), digital management, and how to combine energy savings and comfort.

3 - Switch to green utilities

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How can you benefit from on-site carbon-free energy without drawing on your core business investments?

Get low-carbon integrated solutions with performance guarantees.
Find out more about this model that provides cutting-edge technologies to reduce your energy consumption while saving your CAPEX for your core business.

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4 - Draw on solar to become self-sufficient

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How can you get long-term benefits from your own renewable energy at a controlled cost?

Simply make the most of all your photovoltaic solar potential.
ENGIE’s photovoltaic solar solutions provide your sites with their own zero-carbon energy at a competitive price in the long term, and the entire project is funded and managed by our teams.

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5 - Benefit from heating and cooling networks

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How can your sites benefit from local energy sources?

Combine resilience and carbon footprint reduction with district heating and cooling networks.
District heating and cooling networks, a well-known driver of the energy transition, are based on a broad range of the best technologies and can mobilise renewable and recovered energy sources present in your local area.

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6 - Adapt your mobility solutions

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How can you accelerate carbon reduction in the field of mobility?

Adopt a low-carbon mix for new, more sustainable mobility solutions.
ENGIE can help you switch to a mix of fuel types that can provide the right energy for the right trip at the right time: electricity for light and heavy vehicles, hydrogen for heavy mobility and bioNGV for goods transport trucks.

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7 - Make data centers 100% carbon neutral

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How to decarbonize your Data Center while maintaining uptime and resiliency

Discover how Data Centers can become 100% carbon-neutral 24/7.
ENGIE designs and operates global energy systems combining off-site energy supply, on-site renewable energies, green back-up and storage, while integrating the Data Center into the local energy ecosystem. 

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8 - Switch to hydrogen

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How does hydrogen contribute to the Net Zero Carbon goal?

Hydrogen, an essential solution for industry and heavy mobility.
Discover all operational hydrogen solutions: from replacement of grey hydrogen in industrial processes to solutions for heavy mobility, and synthetic fuels produced from CO2 captured on industrial sites.

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9 - Secure your supply

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How can you secure your supplies and control the costs of your green energy?

To guarantee 100% renewable consumption at a competitive price.
Benefit from tailor-made, certified green purchase agreements developed by GEMS, the global entity within ENGIE specializing in energy management and operating on energy markets worldwide.

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