ENGIE stands against gender-based violence

By ENGIE - 25 November 2021 - 16:46

This Thursday, 25 November, on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, ENGIE is joining forces with the French government to promote the Tous mobilisés contre les violences (in French) initiative. Among other signatory entities, the Group has joined the French Corporate Coalition for ending Violence against Women (link), and will also include, as of 2022 and throughout the entire year, the 3919 number – a free, anonymous national helpline, available 24/7 – on its invoices for private individuals. These measures are a reflection of our efforts to provide protection and support to victims or witnesses of violence.

25 November, a day that matters

Since 1999, the 25th of November marks an important occasion for the mobilisation against gender-based violence. Since March 2020, the confinement has led to an upsurge in domestic violence, with 116 women murdered by their spouse or ex-spouse since 1 January 2020, as well a significant increase in reports to the French governmental platform Arrêtons les violences (stop the violence). Following our participation in the national forum on domestic violence in 2019, the ENGIE Foundation announced a €50,000 donation in 2020 to the emergency housing scheme backed by the French Government. Reflected in the new initiatives taken this year, ENGIE is unwavering in its commitment to the development of new prevention and protection solutions.


Supporting the most effective initiatives

Field organisations are dedicated to providing the best possible help to women and children who are victims of violence. We support various initiatives: 

  • The Résonnantes association, which developed the App-Elles® application to alert and contact family, emergency services or other support networks available throughout France. An application operating with a smart bracelet, enabling an alarm to be given rapidly and discreetly, without needing to use the telephone. In 2020, 200 sets were purchased by the group and given to female employees requesting them. 
  • La Fondation des Femmes, founded in March 2016, supervised by Fondation de France. This foundation funds around twenty projects (buses for homeless women, Gynaecology Without Borders, Force femmes campaigns for women’s employment, etc.). And, alongside these organisations, we participate in the annual Nuit des Relais race to raise money to fight violence against women.
  • Through ENGIE Foundation, we also support the associations Maison des Femmes and Abri de Femmes.


As a responsible company, ENGIE continues to create the appropriate conditions in order to prevent risks and protect its employees. The Group strives for a fairer society, firmly committed to the respect of individual rights.