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ENGIE supports access to energy for all

In 30 years, there will be almost 9bn of us living on planet Earth. To overcome the energy shortage which is an increasingly pressing matter in some parts of the globe, the Group is developing innovative, enduring solutions so that our most vulnerable communities have access to water and electricity.

ENGIE is committed to wiping out inequality in access to energy in order to meet the seventh UN Sustainable Development Target: guaranteeing access for all to reliable, sustainable energy at an affordable price.

Today, over 1.3bn people live without electricity. For 25 years, ENGIE has been actively working in various ways to remedy the social and environmental inequality that this situation entails. Firstly through its staff’s involvement in the Group’s NGOs, supporting energy access projects in developing countries, in particular India, Mexico, and Tanzania, and projects to reduce energy poverty in Europe. ENGIE also runs initiatives in the field, in particular in education and healthcare, and sometimes in the wake of natural disasters.

Sustainable, decentralized energy for 20 million people by 2020

The Group also funds initiatives designed to provide assistance to some of the world’s most isolated rural communities. Initiatives that are not only full of hope, but that have, for the most part, already borne fruit:

  • ENGIE Rassembleurs d'Energies, an investment fund that has brought electricity to one million people in ten years. The initiative supports projects in Europe, Asia, Africa, and Latin America. To date, 15 investments, 25 donations, and 10 technical support missions have been carried out.
  • Partnerships with innovative companies and start-ups to trial sustainable electricity supply solutions (individual solar power kits, local mini-grids, etc.), including the partnership with Orange in Africa to deliver electricity to the most isolated areas.
  • Terrawatt, an organization that unites energy providers and financial institutions from all over the world, working towards affordable solar power in the 121 Member States of the International Solar Alliance (ISA).

ENGIE is constantly working to develop new energy processes to support the communities that need them most. The Group is committed to going even further, by providing 20 million people around the world with access to sustainable, decentralized energy by 2020.

ENGIE supports access to energy for all
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