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Another initiative from ENGIE Electrabel to promote wind energy

ENGIE Electrabel has taken part in constructing a new wind farm on the ArcelorMittal site in Ghent, Belgium, which was commissioned on April 20. The new installation raises ENGIE’s wind power capacity in Belgium to a total of 273.5 MW. The Group is targeting an installed capacity of 500 MW of onshore wind power by 2020.

Located at the Port of Ghent, the new facility consists of eight 200 meter-tall wind turbines, among the tallest in Belgium.

The Ghent wind farm intends to produce enough energy to satisfy the annual needs of around 20,000 households. It will generate more than 70 million kWh per year of green electricity. This project is the result of a fruitful cooperation agreement between the ArcelorMittal group, the wind farm developed Storm and ENGIE Electrabel.

A pioneering partnership

To carry out the construction of the Ghent wind farm, ENGIE Electrabel took advantage of the Wind4Flanders initiative, a totally original form of public-private partnership in which ENGIE Electrabel is associated with several funding organizations. Wind4Flanders built five of the eight turbines on the site. Works began in 2016, and were completed in January 2017.

Thanks to the Electrabel CoGreen initiative, people living in the vicinity of the new ArcelorMittal wind farm had the opportunity to invest in this renewable energy project situated in proximity to their homes. Many residents of Ghent attended the wind farm inauguration ceremony on April 20 and listened to the technical explanations provided by ENGIE’s specialists.

ENGIE and energy transition in Belgium

ENGIE is leader in wind energy in Belgium and is a committed player in the process of energy transition. Several other initiatives for local renewable energy have been launched, such as a wind farm in the Campine region inaugurated towards the end of 2016.

With this concrete involvement in projects at local and regional level, ENGIE Electrabel has been the country’s top producer of green energy for several years, with total installed capacity for renewable energy of approximately 600 MW.

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