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How can you use gas to boost the appeal of your local authority area ?

Are you a local councilor looking for long-term sustainable solutions to meet the energy needs of your fellow citizens and local businesses, at the same time as boosting the appeal of your area? Gas is a key component of the new local, sustainable and decentralized energy mix. This overview takes a look at some of the solutions available and offered by ENGIE to develop the full potential of gas.

“I’m a local councilor and I’d like to boost the appeal of my area, at the same time as developing renewable sources of energy. So how do I go about that?"

In addition to its domestic uses, natural gas is also used in many other contexts to generate electricity, heat buildings, power industry and fuel public transit vehicles, all of which are directly connected with the issues surrounding local development. Its intrinsically beneficial environmental qualities, low cost and flexibility in use make natural gas an energy source of the future.

It is an essential complement to the development of renewables, because it provides a way of storing surplus generated power (Power to gas technology) or generating energy very quickly to meet peaks in demand.

Using your biowaste as a source of energy

Organic waste, wastewater treatment plant sludge and biomass can all be used to recover biogas. Using the process known as methanation, your waste is transformed into sustainable energy sources that can be used for urban heating or as an alternative fuel. Biomethane can be injected directly into the natural gas supply network, and contributes to the growth of decentralized energy generation in the same way as hydropower, wind power and solar power.  

Developing methanation as a source of local jobs

Implementing a methanation project creates local jobs that cannot be relocated elsewhere, and provides a source of economic development.

It contributes to the emergence of a circular economy within the area, and generates new synergies between stakeholders in farming, industry and local authorities.

ENGIE offers you its expertise and investment capacity, as well as supporting you at every stage to ensure the success of your methanation unit and/or biomethane injection project, from technical/economic feasibility study to project regulatory compliance and funding, construction, operation and energy recovery.

Improving air quality through greener mobility

VNG (Vehicle Natural Gas) and bioVNG fuels are also integral to the sustainable energy mix, and provide an effective response to the major challenge of air quality. These then are major vectors in the energy transition for local authorities operating fleets of vehicles (heavy trucks, buses, garbage trucks and utility vehicles).

At regional level, the introduction of bioVNG and/or hydrogen filling stations offers local stakeholders innovative clean mobility solutions. Through its  Better Mobility Today program, ENGIE is making its expertise available in your area to help you develop alternative solutions that improve air quality and facilitate the rollout of green fuels.

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