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CES 2018: ENGIE’s highlights

From January 9 to 12, 2018, ENGIE exhibited at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for the third consecutive year. One of the world’s flagship events for innovation, CES attracts some 4,000 exhibitors. At the ENGIE Innovation booth in Eureka Park, the zone that gives priority to start-ups, the Group and its partners presented 27 solutions from all round the world, whether developed in-house or originating with its partner start-ups, incubators and corporate players.

This year, ENGIE brought 13 start-ups to CES in Las Vegas, and showed eight in-house solutions for managing energy consumption, making buildings and things smarter and making cities more connected through information and service apps.

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A Group open to innovation

A Group operating all round the world, ENGIE’s open innovation policy takes in a wide ecosystem covering cross-Group projects such as the energy transition and the Smart City. At events such as the Las Vegas CES, it can present innovative solutions to a wide audience of professionals and the general public, creating a lot of international echoes.

It is also an opportunity to develop its technology watch strategy: six headhunters from different Group entities explored the show on the lookout for interesting innovations. Exhibiting at CES also helps keep ENGIE’s profile high, ensuring that it is top of mind for start-ups that could choose to work with the Group, while providing the opportunity to spot promising start-ups. In other words, the aim was to stay connected to the ecosystem of innovators of which ENGIE is an integral part.

Pride of place for the Smart City among the vast array of innovations

Energy efficiency, digital services and especially Smart City, a theme that was given a display area of its this year, were the areas that were most under the spotlight at the Group’s booth, with numerous demonstrations and experiments.

Some of the solutions presented have already been incorporated into ENGIE’s offers, such as the digital technology for monitoring air quality developed by the Grenoble-based start-up, eLichens: there was even a screen showing the air quality in the center of Paris in real time! Others will be soon, such as the plug-and-play solar panels produced by a Dutch start-up, Supersola, which can be installed by anyone in fifteen minutes!

A few meters away, Belgian manufacturer Fairwind had constructed a scale model of its small wind turbine (with a span of 11 to 15 meters). 100% recyclable, it is designed for use by farms and SMEs.

As far as the Smart City is concerned, visitors to CES has the opportunity to see the Simply City mobile app created by ENGIE in Noumea, New Caledonia. Intended for residents, visitors and tourists, it enables them to find out everyday information and services in real time (public transit schedules, cheap deals, cultural events, etc.). Another solution on show was the Please offer, developed by a start-up created through ENGIE’s in-house incubation process: it is a digital platform for delivering goods for small neighborhood businesses in small and medium-size cities.

Best of ENGIE & Partners @ CES 2018
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