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ENGIE at the Consumer Electronics Show: ECOVA digital solutions for building energy efficiency

Innovation by ENGIE. Between January 6 and 9, ENGIE is attending the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas; the innovation forum where the world meets. At this year's show, the Group is showcasing digital technology innovations that are shaping the future of energy services.

At CES, ENGIE is showcasing the solutions offered by Ecova. This Group company uses exclusive technologies to analyze building energy and other resource performance. Why? To facilitate energy savings and sustainability efforts and help companies reach their energy and sustainability goals.

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At the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), ENGIE is showcasing the innovations of its North American subsidiary companies, including Ecova. This company develops technology-based solutions that offer its customers greater visibility of their energy performance.

A smart building energy and sustainability management platform

Commercial buildings account for 40% of all energy consumed in the USA, and between 30% and 50% of that energy is currently wasted. Ecova has taken this situation as its starting point for developing an energy and sustainability management platform designed specifically to optimize resource consumption, and therefore minimize energy and other resource costs. So how does it work? This software solution combines data, technology and energy expertise — delivering powerful business insights through a single intuitive platform. Users then have the information they need to monitor and manage their resources more effectively.

Retroficiency: advanced data analytics for building performance

The challenge posed by energy efficiency is particularly acute for energy suppliers in the commercial and industrial sectors. The fact is that these sectors manage a very large number of buildings in a fast-moving market where regulations are changing at equal speed. In order to offer an attractive package of services, these providers must adapt and put customers at the very center of the process by understanding their needs and expectations better.

It was to facilitate that learning process that Retroficiency, the leader in building energy efficiency analytics acquired by Ecova last October, developed and perfected sophisticated and innovative software to analyze the relevant data. Retroficiency’s proprietary software platform creates a unique energy model of any building to provide actionable insights that enable the fastest, most cost-effective way to target buildings, engage customers, convert projects and track opportunities at scale.

Retroficiency is trusted by utilities to improve their commercial energy efficiency programs and customer satisfaction, and has evaluated more than three billion square feet of building space since March 2011.

Ecova, the energy and sustainability management company

Ecova makes businesses and utilities more successful through energy and sustainability management.. As sector leader, this ENGIE subsidiary company delivers energy management and sustainability solutions for more than 750 companies operating in multiple locations. Ecova’s comprehensive approach to energy and sustainability management enabled by the Ecova Energy and Sustainability Management Platform, has enabled the company to identify over $1.6 billion in savings for its clients over the last two years.


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