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Energy efficiency: key figures and projects

In the context of the energy transition toward a low-carbon economy, ENGIE is seeking to help both its private- and public-sector customers better manage the complexities of energy management. The aim is to bring down their costs, their consumption and their environmental footprint. This is why energy efficiency services are today among the Group’s top priorities for development.

ENGIE has signed a fifty-year concession contract for comprehensive energy management at the University of Columbus, Ohio.

Through the convergence of innovative digital technologies and new uses, ENGIE is designing, implementing and operating solutions that enable its customers to achieve their goals of conserving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The world’s leading supplier of energy efficiency services, ENGIE wants to develop this business internationally, relying on the know-how of its specialist subsidiaries.

Key figures on eco-renovation:

4 key figures on eco-renovation (source: French Ministry of Ecology):

  • 45%: the share of final energy consumption of residential and tertiary buildings, accounting for 27% of greenhouse gas emissions
  • 10%: the increase in energy consumption in the sector since 1992
  • 7 m: the number of badly insulated private homes in France
  • 3.8 m: the number of homes finding it hard to pay their energy bills or doing without heating

Examples of solutions developed by ENGIE

Cutting consumption by 30% in 140 primary schools in Paris

chiffres clefs gaz

Paris City Hall is seeking to significantly improve the energy performance of 140 primary schools in the framework of its Climate and Energy Plan. In 2016, it signed an Energy Performance Contract with ENGIE Cofely and ARTELIA Bâtiment & Industrie which affects more than 21,000 children, teachers and municipal employees. The works entail the renovation of the buildings (exterior and interior insulation, examination of doors and windows, etc.) and boilers, the introduction of a smart monitoring and remote-control system for energy performance and installation of innovative technologies (connected objects, etc.) to make the buildings smarter more energy efficient.

Two years after the contract was signed, as the works reach their conclusion, the figures reveal the vast scale of the project: 52,000 m2 of doors and windows were examined, 20,500 m2 of attic space was insulated, 53 boilers were modernized, 24 facades were insulated internally or externally, and 9,160 LED lights and 6,800 remote-controlled thermostatic valves were installed.

The result is a 30% saving in consumption and improved comfort for thousands of Parisian schoolchildren!

More information:

Ohio State University, Columbus: reducing energy consumption by at least 25% in ten years

ENGIE has signed a fifty-year concession contract for comprehensive energy management at the University of Columbus, Ohio. The university, which occupies 650 hectares of land and has 68,000 students and 48,000 employees spread over six campuses consisting of lawns and red-brick buildings, as well as a 100,000-seat sports stadium. The contract covers energy supply (electricity and natural gas) as well as the installation of steam and cooling networks and a range of energy services.

ENGIE will be investing a further €2 billion on numerous capital projects, such as installing Wifi in the street lighting network, introducing LED lighting, heating and cooling networks, digital management of installations, etc.

The university’s total annual expenditure on energy stands at around $250 million. ENGIE is committed to reducing energy consumption by at least 25% in ten years.

A new label, FAIRE (Facilitate, Accompany and Inform for Eco-Renovation), is under preparation:

Sponsored by ADEME (the French agency for the environment and energy management), this label primarily concerns houses and apartment blocks and will enable users to identify companies and service providers capable of carrying out an efficient eco-renovation operation.

“You can find a series of articles, interviews and key figures on ENGIE’s view of the energy mix on our dedicated page.”

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