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ENGIE comes on board the ENERGY OBSERVER

ENGIE has become the principal partner of ENERGY OBSERVER, the world’s first boat to be powered only by hydrogen and renewable energies, an experimental laboratory focused on energy autonomy. Throughout its journey, our expertise and the crew’s imagination will combine in a series of special reports highlighting innovative energy solutions that reconcile performance and sustainability.

50 countries and 101 ports of call: ENERGY OBSERVER will sail around the world in six years.

ENERGY OBSERVER, on the seas…

ENERGY OBSERVER is an electric propulsion vessel operating through a mix of renewable energies and a system producing hydrogen from seawater, which achieves the technical feat of generating its own energy with zero greenhouse gas emissions. In 2017, the crew sailed around France; in 2018, they will explore the Mediterranean, before setting off around the world.

One aim of the journey is to demonstrate the immense potential of hydrogen, an inexhaustible resource. But another is to go and meet pioneers all around the world who have invented energy solutions and are meeting new challenges to reduce the footprint of human activity on our planet.

…ENGIE, on dry land

ENGIE is a natural partner for the ENERGY OBSERVER project.

In the first place, because the Group believes in the highly promising sector of green hydrogen. ENGIE wants to make the fullest use of its potential for storing and converting renewable energies, industrial processes, zero-emission vehicle fuel, etc.

More broadly speaking, the ENERGY OBSERVER project forms part of ENGIE’s desire to contribute to more harmonious progress. The Group has grouped together under the banner of #ENGIEHarmonyProject all its projects combining economic performance and the common good, individual interest and community issues, as well as players striving to imagine new solutions – strategic partners, researchers, start-ups, incubators, etc.

ENERGY OBSERVER: join us on our round the world voyage!

Don’t miss out on the ENERGY OBSERVER adventure. Visit each port of call with us and find out more about a solution developed by ENGIE. First step in Marseille to discover ENGIE marine geothermal solutions.

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