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ENERGY OBSERVER is making a stop in Hamburg

ENERGY OBSERVER has arrived in Hamburg, its 36th stopover. The ship is the special guest of the German port, which celebrates several centuries of intense activity. During this stopover, discover ENGIE's activities in Germany.

ENGIE Deutschland is positioned along the whole value chain of energy and services and one of Germany’s leading specialists in these activities.

The focus is on delivering energy-efficient and zero-carbon solutions for industry and local authorities, notably with a high-level expertise for the whole life circle of buildings and installations. Based on decades of expertise for energy performance contracting, the specialists of ENGIE continuously develop innovative offers to increase efficiency and sustainability at the same time.

ENGIE is strongly committed to support the ambitious “Energiewende” or energy transition in Germany - which foresees 80% of gross electricity consumption of renewable energy in 2050 - by making electricity generation decentralized (see below the example of Gera Cogeneration Units). Furthermore, ENGIE Deutschland is promoting renewable energies by operating wind parks as well as hydropower plants with an installed capacity of 350 MW. Moreover, ENGIE is realizing photovoltaic installations for households (see below the example of Solarimo).

To support the development of renewable energy, the development of storage capacities is key to ensure the stability of the grid and of the energy supply. ENGIE has developed an innovative solution by combining its traditional pumped storage plant with a new battery storage (see below the example of the battery storage).

The portfolio of ENGIE also includes cooling solutions with climate neutral refrigerants and heat recovery from cooling process. ENGIE experts support their customers with global offers on infrastructures on their way to green mobility.

Solarimo: energy transition for tenants

Up to now, solar panels were mainly used for single family homes and rural sites. However, cities offer a huge potential. Currently, 332 mio m2 of roof surface in Germany can be used to reduce CO2 emissions, mostly in urban areas.

Solarimo is committed to bring the energy transition into the cities. This 100% subsidiary of ENGIE was created by former employees who were supported by ENGIE innovation team. It provides solutions for housing corporations and real estate investors which allow them to use their roof-top potential and take advantage from the advanced, decentralized and renewable form of energy production.


Advantages for investors:

  • Attractive green investment
  • Ecological showcases with advanced, decentralized and renewable energy production
  • Increased resale values of the property
  • Reduction of ecological footprint (CO2 savings)

Advantages for housing corporations:

  • Low-priced solar power as a tenant service
  • Electricity cost reduced at the same level of comfort and security of supply
  • Attractive housing for the city
  • Local protection of the environment: solar energy directly from the roof-top
  • Ecological responsibility thanks to decentralized and modern energy production

With this solution, Solarimo helps to protect the local environment and to reduce the ecological footprint by saving CO2. It enables tenants to participate actively in the energy transition and to provide Zero Carbon as a service.

Example tenants electricity for apartment building in Dessau

  • 102 tenants
  • 1,162 m² panel area
  • 726 panels
  • 199.6 kWp installed capacity
  • 174,700 kWh p.a.
  • 90.2 t CO2-savings each year for a period of 20 years
Hydroélectricité et stockage sur batterie

Hydropower and battery storage: stability for the energy transition

Power generation is becoming decentralized and renewable. More and more producers feed electricity into the grid at irregular intervals, depending on wind and sun. Therefore, highly flexible storage units are needed to provide balancing energy for grid stabilization. Battery storage units as well as modern pumped storage power stations can deliver primary balancing energy to compensate fluctuations in electricity production and consumption within 30 seconds. ENGIE Deutschland has combined both storage types at the location of Kraftwerksgruppe Pfreimd (in Bavaria). With this smart combination of storages, ENGIE confirms its commitment to the energy transition.

Key figures Kraftwerksgruppe Pfreimd and battery storage

  • 137 MW pumped storage
  • 12.5 MW Lithium Ion Battery Storage
  • Delivery of primary reserve power
  • Delivery of 5% balancing power for the German grid

Future-oriented district heating for city of Gera

The City of Gera in Eastern Germany counts 19,000 heat customers. Until now, heat and electricity had been produced in two centralized, 20 year-old power plants. Together with its local subsidiary Energieversorgung Gera, ENGIE has developed a more efficient, customer-centric and sustainable solution for the heat and power generation and heat grid in Gera. To do so, we switched from centralized heat and power production to new, flexible units. ENGIE has built 9 cogeneration units. In the long run, a switch to green gas could enhance the sustainability of these installations.

Key figures

  • 19,000 heat customers in Gera
  • Building of 9 gas fired cogeneration units in 2018
  • 145 MW heat
  • 40.5 MW electricity
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