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ENERGY OBSERVER stops in Portugal - Discover some of ENGIE’s flagship projects in this country

ENERGY OBSERVER, the first boat propelled solely with hydrogen and renewable energies, arrives in Lisbon, last stop of its odyssey in the Mediterranean Sea.

ENGIE Portugal committed to harmonious progress by delivering sustainable energy and services in the country

ENGIE started the first energy efficiency services company in Portugal and today ranks number 2 in electricity generation. In this country, ENGIE operates three power plants (2.400 MW) and a fleet of last generation wind parks (488 MW) through Trustenergy, a partnership with Marubeni. With more than 600 skilled employees, ENGIE in Portugal offers solutions for operating and maintaining facilities to a wide range of industrial and tertiary customers. In addition, Climaespaço supplies reliable energy to Parque das Nações in Lisbon, the urban area developed for the 1998 Lisbon World Exhibition.

Discover some of ENGIE’s activities in Portugal through Climaespaço, Trustwind and distributed energy projects.

Focus on Climaespaço, the single public DHC network in Portugal

20 years ago Lisbon hosted EXPO’98, the Lisbon World Exposition under the theme "The Oceans, a Heritage for the Future", that commemorated 500 years of Portuguese discoveries. The Climaespaço network was built to deliver heat and cold, providing comfort to Parque das Nações area. This pioneer and innovative system introduced in Portugal the coupling of thermal energy generation and distribution, thus leading to a reduction of 40% of CO2 emissions.

As the energy is generated centrally for the entire district, the system allows a soft transition towards decarbonation with the introduction of solar and biomass energy sources. Given its exceptional sun exposure and high forest coverage, Portugal has natural conditions to introduce renewable energies at city level, contributing to a cleaner future.

Climaespaço had a total investment of 80 million euros and serves close to 4.000 customers, including hospitals, company headquarters and the Lisbon Oceanarium, the largest indoor aquarium in Europe built for the World Exhibition of 1998.

Focus on Trustwind

ENGIE focuses its activities on low carbon generation, global networks and client solutions. The Group has thus strong positions and ambitions in renewable energies. Trustwind is the company managing ENGIE renewable assets in Portugal, consisting of 488MW windfarms, gathered in 12 clusters, located mostly in the North of Portugal. These windfarms play a key role for Portugal in meeting the targets defined in the European Union 2030 Climate & Energy Framework. They now represent more than 60% of installed renewable capacity in the country. Thanks to these investments, ENGIE has a significant energy footprint in Portugal and commits to renewable energy as an essential part of its energy transition model.

Focus on distributed energy projects

In line with the decarbonation and distributed energy trends, ENGIE is developing several projects for industrial and tertiary customers to generate and deliver clean energy directly at their facilities. Our customers can dramatically reduce their carbon footprint and energy costs with our sustainable and decentralized energy solutions that can use a wide range of energy sources, such as solar thermal, solar photovoltaic and biomass. ENGIE has tailored solutions for several industrial segments, such as agro-food, automotive, chemical and pharmaceutical, and also for tertiary customers. Our customer benefits from a long-term solution adapted to his needs, where ENGIE takes the installation and operation risks.

Key data and figures (at 31st December 2017)

  • TO 308M€
  • Installed capacity around 3.000 MW
  • Single public District Heating and Cooling network in Portugal
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