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ENERGY OBSERVER makes a stop in Italy: follow ENGIE's updates in the country

ENERGY OBSERVER is making a stop in Italy. Discover some of ENGIE's flagship projects in the country.

Italy’s number one for client solutions, ENGIE works with householders, businesses, and various regional players to deliver solutions of which economic development, performance, and sustainability form an integral part.

  • Frosinone, New light for the city

Our solutions create value and enable respectful progress, and include the management of certain public services, the renovation of buildings, energy efficiency with a firm performance promise, decentralized renewable energies, and green mobility.

By maintaining a presence at every step of Italy’s energy and energy services production and supply chain, ENGIE has carved out a position at the heart of the energy transition. Through our solutions, we are standing shoulder to shoulder with our customers as they strive to reduce their energy consumption and environmental impact, and boost the performance of their facilities and the comfort of their users. Every one of our clients reaps the rewards of innovative, digital, and green solutions.

In cities, we are experts in the installation and renovation of street lighting, with 300,000 points of street lighting in Italy. Frosinone is a good example of this.

Frosinone ( south-east of Rome), New light for the city

In this city, near Rome, we installed 8,300 new lighting devices with LED technology, equipped with automatic light flow control. This goes with the renovation of the public lighting infrastructures. These works and the operation of the system by ENGIE make Frosinone a better and safer city to live in. This successful partnership was celebrated with a special event: the city was colored in ENGIE blue for several days. This raised its inhabitants’ awareness about the importance of an efficient and modern public lighting. Over the next 14 years, the city will save 12,408 Tons of CO2.

A virtuous example of “Public Administration aware” in partnership with a private company.

The image of the city has changed: a more modern, safer city that offers a better quality of life.

Key figures:

  • Installed 8,300 new lighting devices with LED technology, equipped with automatic light flow control
  • 6,300 meters of power line upgraded
  • 260 light poles replaced
  • 2,000 meters of new lines with LED lighting created
  • 160 electrical panels replaced with new ones that meet the technical standards
  • Energy saving: 4,378 TOE
  • 12,408 Tons CO2 reduction

ENGIE in Italy also operates in the field of renewable energies and energy efficiency for buildings, private individuals and small businesses. Illustration through the 100% green offer for residential and for the city of Milan:

Green Power for families

ENGIE in Italy is making another big leap towards energy transition: all the electricity supplied to individual clients and small companies will be "100% green". This entirely renewable energy is certified by the mechanism of “Guarantees of Origin”.

With no extra cost for the customer, ENGIE commits for a carbon-free world to fight climate change.

“100% Green” energy is complemented by other green initiatives already available to household customers, ranging from intelligent energy monitoring services, to energy saving devices, to home-based photovoltaic solutions.

Milan, green solution for condominiums

“Caro gasolio, ti saluti”! Dear fuel, we say you good bye! ENGIE is supporting the city of Milan for the upgrading of the heating systems of Milan’s condominiums. Milan has decided to ban in 2023 gasoil boilers in the city and has allocated 20 M€, between 2018 and 2019, for the energy upgrading of private buildings. ENGIE has been working closely with this city since years on air quality and will play a key role in this significant energy transition with offers and solutions that guarantee energy efficiency and savings.

ENGIE also developed specific digital tools for condominiums. An application called “Convivium” facilitates interaction between the building manager and the tenants and between the tenants themselves. Convivium allows to report, in real-time, technical issues, ensures traceability of reporting management, making building administration easy and efficient.

For industry, ENGIE Italy offers a range of in situ services for sustainable business development and better management of the production chain. Alcantara Industry placed their trust in us.

Alcantara Industry, An efficient energy system

Alcantara® is a leader in the coatings market in the automotive, nautical, furniture and fashion sectors. It is also the first completely sustainable Italian-made industrial product. The company has obtained the ‘carbon neutral’ certification for its entire production process.

ENGIE is supporting the client in it is sustainability commitment. We helped the client to optimize its energy consumption thanks to decentralized assets that deliver energy and heat to the factory production. The outcome of these ENGIE solutions is an energy saving of 13,000 TOE / year, which represents 6 M€/year!

Key figures

  • Energy saving: 13,000 TOE /y
  • Economic saving: 6 M€/y
  • 12,300 Ton/y C02 reduction

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