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ENGIE at the Forefront of Energy Revolution

The world of renewable energy is more innovative today than ever before. Cleaner resources, low carbon solutions, smart management: ENGIE continues to lead the energy transition as the energy sector is profoundly evolving. Watch ENGIE​'s​ outlook on the future of energy.

The objective of ENGIE is to reinvent the low-carbon energy of the future, focusing its efforts on more flexible, more efficient and smarter energy.

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The Renewable Energy Revolution

Recent technological and digital advances have had key effects on the world of renewable energy: a profound upheaval is on the move in the energy world thanks to clean resources, new infrastructures and smart management.

“What we are currently living through is not really on the scale of a transition, but rather an industrial revolution,” ENGIE Group CEO Isabelle Kocher told Le Monde in September.

One major element of this revolution is our newfound ability to store energy, meaning that we can better reap the benefits of renewable resources such as solar and wind power. Thanks to storage solutions, we are on the path to being able to store all types of energy, so that some day, even hydrogen and biomethane will become 100 percent renewable.

ENGIE is Pioneering Renewable Energy Work

With global warming and climate change posing real and imminent dangers to the way we live, real strides must be taken to rethink the global energy landscape and create one that is more decarbonized, more decentralized, more digital, and more energy-efficient.

Industry leaders like ENGIE are facing several challenges, including perhaps the most dire: an imperative reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 40-70 percent between now and 2050, to ensure that future global warming does not exceed 2°C. According to experts, 57 percent of the reduction in greenhouse gas emissions will come from energy efficiency solutions.

ENGIE is accelerating its own transformation to lead this transition, focusing on four fields to this end: energy efficiency, renewables, digital technology, and new business.

Making Green Energy Easier

One major element of the continued green energy revolution is undoubtedly the ease and efficiency with which these new types of energy can be used. With this in mind, ENGIE is working towards a digital consumer offer by exploiting the technological revolution for the green revolution: the number of smart objects is estimated to quadruple by 2020, meaning that green energy resources must take advantage of these advances.

Energy efficiency also relies on decentralizing: the future of energy production is a model wherein energy is generated, stored, and consumed as locally as possible. ENGIE is hard at work creating technological methods to keep energy close to where it is produced.

“Looking forward, we can see a dual world developing by 2050,” says Kocher. ”A world in which 50% of energy is generated by large-scale power plants and transmitted by equally large grids – i.e. the system we are all familiar with in all developed countries – and the other 50% of energy is generated at local level at the point of consumption in our own homes or in the buildings and factories where we work,” Isabelle Kocher.

ENGIE, a pionneer in the energy revolution
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