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ENGIE speeds up the energy revolution

To respond to a range of challenges that include combating global warming, providing access to energy in parts of the world where is still does not exist, and developing a lower-carbon and more environmentally-friendly economy, ENGIE is focusing its expertise on promoting the energy revolution through a vast transformation plan that targets 2018. It includes €16 billion of investments in renewable energies and energy efficiency. Here is a brief outline of the Group’s main achievements over recent months.

“80% of ENGIE’s businesses are currently at the heart of the energy revolution. The €16 billion of investments between 2016 and 2018 included in the transformation plan will be carried out in the sectors of renewable energies and energy efficiency.”

Isabelle Kocher, CEO of ENGIE.

Developing low-CO2 power generation

This is the Group’s top priority: investing in new low-carbon projects relying on renewables and natural gas. ENGIE is carrying out ambitious projects in solar power internationally, with roughly 1,750 MW of installed capacity at the end of 2016. The Group is extending its strategy to the fields of wind power (5,154 MW), hydroelectricity, and terrestrial and marine geothermal power. The most recent installations to be commissioned are the Jirau hydropower plant in Brazil, inaugurated in December 2016, and ENGIE’s first geothermal power plant anywhere in the world, inaugurated in Indonesia in January 2017.

ENGIE is also strengthening its natural gas-fired power production in the Middle East, as can be seen by its projects in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. ENGIE has sold off 10 GW of merchant assets in the United States and has announced the closure or sale of more than 8 GW of coal-fired power plants around the world.

Developing global networks

ENGIE is convinced that natural gas, combined with renewables, will play a major role in tomorrow’s energy mix. In Mexico, for instance, the Los Ramones South pipeline is one of the most important energy infrastructures in the country. ENGIE is also developing new LNG markets for the retail sector as well as LNG as a marine fuel.

Developing integrated solutions for customers

In the realm of Business to Business (B2B), the acquisition of the American company OpTerra illustrates the Group’s strategy in energy services. In the United Kingdom, ENGIE is now the leader in energy refurbishment services for local authorities following the acquisition of Keepmoat Regeneration. Numerous facilities management contracts have been won in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Greece. In France, 140 Parisian schools are relying on ENGIE to significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

Turning to Business to Consumers (B2C), ThinkEnergy by ENGIE, in Massachusetts, is the first solar-powered community to be created in the United States. By offering its products My Power (self-consumption) and Elec’Verte to individual customers in France, ENGIE will enable them to benefit from 100% green electricity.

As far as Business to Territories (B2T) is concerned, 2016 was rich in events for ENGIE, with the acquisition of Siradel, a specialist in 3D modeling 3D, an investment in Streetlight Data, a leader in the sector of mobility data analysis, and a collaboration with IBM to improve the quality of life of urban citizens.

The Group has also developed solutions to supply power to some of the most remote villages in Africa. Meanwhile, it supports the development of solar energy throughout the world as part of the Terrawatt Initiative and continues to encourage the drive to provide sustainable energy through its Foundation and its Rassembleurs d’Energies network.

Encouraging technological innovation and digital technologies

In 2016, ENGIE took a stake in Heliatek, a pioneering start-up in organic solar power. The Group has also been selected to direct nine “Hydrogen Territories” projects in France. In the sector of digital technology, ENGIE signed partnership agreement with several world leaders, including Fjord, Khony and Thales. Another illustration is the Group’s innovative program to encourage green mobility, Better Mobility TODAY.

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