ENGIE commits to making consumption greener than ever

By ENGIE - 11 June 2021 - 10:12

Because "green" consumption is not just about what we put on our plate, ENGIE is making a firm commitment with the European Commission to help consumers reduce their carbon footprint.


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ENGIE makes a pledge to the European Commission

At the end of January 2021, and as part of the New Consumer Agenda, the European Commission launched the "Green Pledges" pilot initiative, asking companies to make voluntary commitments making it easier for consumers to choose products that reduce their carbon footprint. 

ENGIE, the only energy operator chosen by the European Commission for this pilot phase, joins companies like Decathlon, Lego and L’Oréal in making a firm commitment to green consumption.


On 10 June, the European Commissioner Didier Reynders unveiled the green pledges and presented the newly selected companies at a digital event broadcast live on the European Commission's EbS Live platform. During the event, Sébastien Arbola, ENGIE Executive Vice President in charge of Thermal Generation and Energy Supply activities, presented ENGIE's four green consumption pledges. A round table with citizens' associations and consumer groups then discussed the subject of citizen/consumer empowerment.


ENGIE's four green consumption pledges

  • to increase globally the proportion of renewable energy in electricity generation (from 31% in 2020 to 58% in 2030), to exit from coal in Europe by 2025, and to accelerate investment in renewable assets. We are targeting an additional annual capacity of 3 GW in 2021, then 4 GW/year from 2022 to 2025, and 6 GW from 2026.
  • to reach in France 300,000 Green+ (100% renewable electricity certified by guarantees of origin directly from national producers) customers by the end of 2024 compared with 15,000 customers in 2020.
  • to develop new functions aiming to reduce our customers' energy consumption (target of 1.2 million customers in France joining the Mon Programme pour Agir initiative, compared with 168,000 today).
  • to report our progress on these pledges and the other commitments we made in our integrated report.

Citizens as committed consumers and agents of change

In the face of the global ecological challenge and the sheer weight of mankind's impact on the climate, on resources, and on biodiversity, all stakeholders are taking action, from governments to citizens and from cities to businesses. Indeed, France and Europe have placed the energy transition at the heart of their post-pandemic recovery. Carbon neutrality by 2050 has been announced as an official target by almost 70 countries, including those in the European Union.  Meanwhile, companies and individuals are paying increasing attention to their consumption patterns.
The energy sector is fully engaged in this environmental transition, by reducing its own CO2 emissions, by developing renewable energies, and also by promoting greener consumption patterns for consumers.


Green consumption, local consumption

As the leading supplier of wind and solar energy in France, ENGIE already offers in this country an energy mix composed of over 70% renewables. To meet expectations and give consumers the means to take action for the planet and to make better consumption choices every day, we are developing zero-carbon energy supply and energy consumption management solutions for our private customers.
At ENGIE in France, all our new electricity contracts include green electricity: for every kWh of electricity used, the equivalent in renewable electricity is injected into the grid.
And to go even further, we offer our private customers who wish to make a greater commitment to a local, environmentally-friendly approach electricity supplied from 100% hydropower or wind sources, all from generation plants based exclusively in France.


ENGIE's Net Zero Carbon target

In light of the massive impact of climate change, and guided by its corporate purpose and its strategy, ENGIE presented its increased climate ambition in the first half of 2021. Our concrete actions translate our commitment to step up the transition to a carbon-neutral economy, because the Group has pledged to achieve Net Zero Carbon for all its activities by 2045.
To meet this ambitious target, we will allocate almost 45% of our growth investments to Renewables by 2023, and install additional annual capacity of 3 GW in 2021, then 4 GW/year from 2022 to 2025, and 6 GW from 2026. 


"Our customers are at the heart of the energy transition. By adapting their energy consumption, they contribute, each in their own way, to the fight against global warming. It is ENGIE's ambition to accompany them in this transition by providing answers tailored to each need by using a personalized approach" said Sébastien Arbola, EVP, in charge of Thermal Generation, Hydrogen and Energy Supply activities. 


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