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Everett LNG terminal in the United States

It’s a few miles from Boston, in Everett, that GDF SUEZ has opened its first liquefied natural gas (LNG) station to power local truck fleets, including the truck fleet of Transgas Inc. Arriving by boat, the LNG is stored at the terminal before being distributed by pipeline or by truck.

Trucks that run on LNG and that deliver LNG, that’s the great novelty at Transgas Inc. Quieter and more powerful, engines running on LNG can tow 36 tons without emitting greenhouse gases. For James D Davies, truck driver at Transgas Inc., the gain for the environment is without comparison compared to a diesel truck: "The combustion is cleaner. It's better for the air quality".

Cooled at 162 degrees below Celsius, the LNG is liquid, which allows it to occupy 600 times less space than in gaseous state. To develop this new service, the Group relies on more than 40 years of expertise: from exploration to distribution, the whole production line is controlled.

GDF SUEZ’s subsidiary Distrigas is the largest LNG truck-loading company in the United States. "We deliver between 6,000 and 12,000 trucks of LNG per year to different customers," says Anthony Scaraggi, Vice-President of Operations at GDF SUEZ Gas North America. Regulations for clean energy coupled with the desire to make economies encourage a growing number of professionals to choose LNG as fuel.

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