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Find out more about the promise offered by second-generation methane

Energy of tomorrow. With its commitment to generating low-carbon energy, ENGIE has for some years been working on developing processes for producing gas from organic matter of plant and animal origin: biomethane or green gas. View the video to find out more about the future of this new energy source!

The Group is committed to creating a new industry sector in which second-generation (2G) biomethane will be profitable by 2020. This technology does not use the fermentation process needed to process traditional biomass, such as household waste, but uses a different process called methanation. This enables the use of so-called lignocellulosic biomass, like wood and straw.

As part of developing this promising new industry in Europe, ENGIE is contributing to the GAYA project, in which 11 partners with complementary expertise are working with support from ADEME (the French Environment and Energy Management Agency) to demonstrate the technical, economic, environmental and social feasibility of a second-generation biomethane production industry.

The project is focused on a research and development center now under construction at St-Fons, near Lyon. Unique in Europe, this center will bring around thirty engineers and technicians together around a shared mission to generate 2G biomethane as efficiently as possible and validate technical and financial options, thereby demonstrating convincingly that this is an innovative, local, sustainable energy form that will create new jobs.

Around 5,000 new jobs1 are likely to be created in France between 2040 and 2050 solely as a result of growth in the second-generation biomethane market. ENGIE will be playing an active role in this development, and has set a target of mains gas biomethane content of 5% by 2020 and 20% by 2030.

  1 Based on the ADEME Évaluation des emplois dans la filière biocombustibles, (Evaluation of jobs in the biofuels industry) report published in April 2007.


Also called "green gas", biomethane is produced from animal or vegetable organic matter gas. In 2020, ENGIE wishes to establish a new industry for the production of 2nd generation biomethane or "2G". This synthesis gas is obtained after transformation of woody biomass (wood or straw). Thus, the platform for research and development "GAYA" is under construction. Scheduled for commissioning in 2015, this platform will demonstrate the validity of the project and achieve the emergence of a production chain of biomethane.

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