ENGIE x Solar Impulse Foundation: innovation for Net Zero Carbon!

By ENGIE - 21 June 2021 - 15:23

Innovation is a core lever in ENGIE’s “net zero carbon” 2045 objective.  In this spirit, the Group is this year once again mobilising its innovation ecosystem for a digital event for Group employees and drivers of innovation. 


The themes that were covered during the Innovation Festival, which ran from 14 to 18 June, included renewable energies, hydrogen, green tech, decarbonisation, mobility, green agriculture and smart cities. The event culminated with the 36th edition of the Innovation Trophies on 15 June, which awards the most innovative projects from employees around the world each year.

Innovation is also at the heart of the mission that the Solar Impulse Foundation has set itself, i.e. to identify 1,000 clean, efficient and profitable solutions to incite decision-makers to set more ambitious environmental objectives. It is therefore fitting that the Foundation is part of the key players for an event such as the ENGIE Innovation Trophies.


The Foundation participates in the Innovation Trophies

Like last year, Silvestro Russo, an expert from the Solar Impulse Foundation, was included in the Grand Jury for the Awards, alongside ENGIE’s senior managers and external personalities. He took part in the various sessions for the awarded prizes. These sessions aimed at identifying promising projects to be certified in the future.

For the 2nd year in a row, a special “ENGIE x Solar Impulse Foundation” award was presented.  And the winner is TEO: an innovative project that meets ENGIE and the Foundation’s shared goals in terms of clean, efficient and cost-effective solutions.

TEO’s mission: sourcing green energy!

TEO, short for “The Energy Origin”: a start-up incubated within the ENGIE group that offers innovative solutions based on blockchain technology in order to trace the origin of consumed energy, in particular renewable energy, and to assess its carbon impact.


Based on increased customer demand to know the origin of the energy they use, TEO provides traceability for consumed energy, securely recording information so that it cannot be manipulated. Blockchain technology allows to certify which part of the consumed electricity corresponds to ENGIE’s wind farms and hydroelectric plants. This solution therefore helps our customers guarantee the environmental balance of their production and increase the value of their renewable sourcing. TEO’s offer includes the traceability of electricity, gas as well as hydrogen.

Thanks to TEO, ENGIE has become the first player to commercially launch an energy traceability platform. Through these actions, we are promoting transparency, which is central to our “Net Zero Carbon” objective!


A closer look at four certified solutions

Among the 23 ENGIE solutions that are already certified by the Solar Impulse Foundation, several have been highlighted for their ground-breaking and innovative concepts which are based on renewable energies or energy efficiency, such as Targeo, which won the Innovation Trophies at the 1st edition of the “ENGIE x Solar Impulse Foundation” Award in 2020.

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See you next year for more innovations!