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GDF SUEZ and the Federation of Local Public Enterprises sign a partnership agreement

On 3 July, Gérard Mestrallet, CEO of GDF SUEZ, and Jean-Léonce Dupont, Chairman of the Federation of Local Public Enterprises, signed a partnership agreement designed to promote mixed regional economies.

GDF SUEZ already works with a range of Local Public Enterprises (EPL) and believes that this way of managing a mixed economy will enable new renewable energy production projects to see the light of day as regions make the transition away from conventional fuels.

The EPL Federation, drawing upon the expertise of its constituent members, advises local authorities on management and governance, especially pertaining to the mixed economy.

The aim of this innovative partnership is to swap information, organize workgroups and training, and to form a legal watchdog to raise the profile of and develop governance for the mixed economy.

This strategy focuses mainly on local, decentralized energy production and the group’s regional growth.

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