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Industry: smart energy management by ENGIE

For the world of industry, the energy transition is not just a social reality, it's also a major factor for competitiveness and a new way of working in a more responsible, more collaborative and more connected context. ENGIE is responding to these new challenges with a dedicated digital solution called 'blu.e by ENGIE'.

blu.e by ENGIE emerged from the business incubator in Quarter 1 of this year to offer industrial customers a connected energy optimization solution, and is now being rolled out worldwide.

Industry accounts for one-third of energy consumption and nearly 40% of CO2 [1] emissions, which is why industrial users are now keen to cut their energy costs, at the same time is remaining competitive in their markets. ENGIE has developed a package of practical, smart solutions to deliver an effective response to this challenge across a very diverse and complex range of operating environments.

Digital: an unrivaled facilitator of energy competitiveness

Tomorrow's industrial plants will be either smart or not smart! The fact is that, regardless of its environment or industry sector, plant performance is directly related to its ability to make maximum use of data. Robotization, smart objects, cyber security, cloud computing: all these will eventually help to shrink energy footprints, and therefore maintain or even improve the ability of companies to compete effectively. There are four clear stages in industry's quest for maximum energy performance:

[1] Le savoir-faire français dans le domaine de l’efficacité énergétique dans l’industrie (French expertise in energy efficiency for industry) published by ADEME, the French Environment & Energy Management Agency.

Saving energy with no need for further investment: that's the 'blu.e by ENGIE' solution

It is in response to these major challenges and to enable industrial companies to achieve smart management of their energy consumption that ENGIE has developed its blu.e solution; an energy management software platform designed specifically for industry.

So what is the principle behind it? Its Big Data functions enable instant analysis of the millions of possible combinations of thousands of installation and equipment operating variables as the basis for selecting those with the greatest influence, suggesting precise settings already known to deliver maximum performance under similar operating conditions, and quantifying the associated gains to be made from implementing the settings.

Smart industrial plants with real-time data links

The blu.e by ENGIE solution is based on precise analysis of plant energy data:

  • the engineer identifies the optimum installation operating point for each production scenario
  • the operator systematically applies the most efficient settings using an energy GPS system updated in real time
  • the energy manager analyses plant performance and explains the results by quantifying the impact of influential factors and one-off operating events. He/she can then draw on the blu.e by ENGIE expert ecosystem to identify new energy performance opportunities to boost competitiveness further
  • with direct links to the teams involved, the plant manager takes the best-possible decision based on factual, quantified and fully explained information to remove any risk of arbitrary decision-making

Plants are connected to the system in real time, with data gathered, processed and analyzed as a continual stream so that industrial energy users can shrink their carbon footprints, at the same time as adapting more successfully to their environment.

And to support industrial companies in solving their energy problems, blu.e has designed a dedicated free-access web conference channel specifically to provide them with practical solutions and advice.

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