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Innovative ENGIE solutions for cities and regions

As a leader in the transition to a low-carbon future, ENGIE offers a package of eco-responsible solutions for cities and regions. Decentralized generation of renewables, public lighting, heating and cooling networks, personal protection, building energy performance, eco-communities, sustainable mobility: at ENGIE, the energy revolution is a reality today.

As part of offering everyone a healthy environment that's great to live in, ENGIE works closely with cities and local authorities to respond successfully to their multiple development and energy consumption challenges.

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Tomorrow's world will be smarter than yesterday's. It's on the basis of this certainty that ENGIE took its decision to prioritize low-carbon energy sources. This strategic priority is based primarily on making collaborative use of new technologies. Interconnected energy networks, sustainable mobility solutions and digital products and services: together, they create a panel of solutions scaled for cities and regions and designed to take us into a more responsible world.

Solutions for a better life together

The energy transition is one of the major challenges of our time. But it's not the only one. The demographic explosion is forcing us to rethink our wellbeing and the way we live. Today, 54% of people around the world live in cities. That's why ENGIE puts special emphasis on developing renewables and smart grids, improving energy efficiency, air quality and home comfort, and encouraging the emergence of eco-communities. In mobility, the Group encourages:

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ENGIE is responding to global warming by completely rethinking the regional energy landscape. This commitment is built around three priorities, which we call the 3Ds:

  • Decarbonization by increasing the proportion of renewables in our energy grids.
  • Decentralization of energy supply by enabling everyone, no matter how geographically isolated they may be, to benefit from locally-generated clean electricity.
  • Digitalization for better control of our energy, so that we use it more efficiently and better.

The 3Ds are accompanied by a fourth action priority: the development of energy efficiency by creating more energy-efficient, better connected buildings and greater eco-responsibility.

ENGIE, solutions for cities and regions
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