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Kitesurf: a new world record for Alexandre Caizergues!

On November 13, Alexandre Caizergues, the French kitesurfer who has been sponsored by ENGIE since 2010, improved his own world speed record for kitesurfing over 500 meters with a stratospheric average speed of 57.97 knots, equivalent to 107.36 km/h! The 60 knots barrier is within reach.

In challenging weather conditions (with the Mistral sometimes blowing at speeds of over 50 knots), the Salt and Speed riders have put together a series of runs and have achieved remarkable speeds on their sail-powered contraptions.

Salt and Speed is a confrontation between the fastest kitesurfers on the planet, running through the month of November at the Salin-de-Giraud site at Port-Saint-Louis-du-Rhône in the South of France. Kitesurfer Alexandre Caizergues was hoping for a good weather window that would give him a chance of beating his own world speed record for kitesurfing.

And now he’s done it! On Monday, November 13, 2017, Alex Caizergues set a new world record of 57.97 knots over 500 meters, equivalent to 107.36 km/h, beating his own previous record, set back in 2013, of 56.62 knots, equivalent to 104.8 km/h.

The French kitesurfer, who won his fourth kite speed world championship last summer in Oman, has written a new page in the history of the sport, coming a little closer to the speed of 65.45 knots reached by the Australian sailor Paul Larsen, holder of the outright speed record aboard a small multihull hydrofoil. Back in 2010, Caizergues was the first man to sail at a speed of over 100 km/h.

What a great start to Salt and Speed! It’s brilliant!” exclaimed Caizergues. “Unlike 2013, when I could only do one proper run, yesterday I passed 57 knots over 500 meters three times! I’m really, really pleased. This new record is the result of a lot of work in training with my technical partners. We had a first-class team to organize this incredible endeavor. I’d like to thank all the staff at Salt and Speed, the event sponsors and my personal sponsor, ENGIE. Salt and Speed will continue until the beginning of December. I’m close to breaking the 60 knots barrier!”

On an artificial channel specially dug for attempts at world records such as these at Port- Saint-Louis-du-Rhône in the South of France and with the Mistral sometimes blowing at speeds of over 50 knots, the French kitesurfer was competing in Salt and Speed 2017 alongside Charlotte Consorti, holder of the women’s world record. Reaching a speed of almost 60 knots, he beat his own world record of 56.62 knots, which he set in 2013. He is getting closer to the speed achieved by Australia’s Paul Larsen, who set the absolute world speed sailing record with the Vestas Sailrocket 2, a small multihull hydrofoil vessel with a rigid sail, which reached 65.45 knots (111.95 km/h) in Walvis Bay, Namibia, in 2012.

Alex Caizergues is now confidently targeting the 60 knots barrier.


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