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ENGIE Lab Singapore launches the PowerZee eco-responsibility app

The PowerZee app launched on March 23, 2015 in Singapore encourages students and staff at Nanyang Technological University to play an active role in reducing their environmental footprint. The app was developed by ENGIE Lab Singapore in partnership with Nanyang Technological University (NTU) as part of the EcoCampus program.

The PowerZee app designed by ENGIE Lab Singapore in partnership with Nanyang Technological University (NTU) gives university students and staff the opportunity to make better use of campus resources.

The app is presented as a game in which users are asked to indicate what they are doing in practical terms to cut their energy consumption (turning off lights, doing without air conditioning, using stairs in preference to elevators, etc.) to win points. The app also suggests eco-friendly actions that can optimize day-to-day energy consumption. The ultimate aim is to cut campus energy consumption, water consumption and waste generation by 35% between now and 2020.

Weekly and monthly analyses that evaluate the impact of these actions on campus energy consumption keep university students and staff informed about the actual impact of their efforts.

This innovative eco-responsible solution developed by ENGIE forms part of a wider commitment to environmental responsibility through Southeast Asia. In its efforts, the Group is relying substantially on the technological expertise of ENGIE Lab Singapore, which is running a series of R&D projects to develop solutions to address the region's energy challenges.

As part of achieving this goal, the laboratory is also a contributor to the REIDS (Renewable Energy Integration Demonstrator in Singapore) initiative designed by Nanyang Technological University to build a hybrid micro-network that combines energy from a range of renewable sources and fossil fuels with energy storage.



PowerZee, an eco-friendly application launched by ENGIE Lab Singapore
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