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PowerZee by ENGIE: Managing Energy Consumption

The PowerZee app motivates people to reduce their energy consumption and makes it fun for consumers to save energy by turning it into a game. With the establishment of ENGIE Lab Singapore, supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB), solutions will be continuously developed to address the region's energy challenges in a bid to build a better city for future generations.

The PowerZee app was developed by ENGIE Lab Singapore and Nanyang Technical University for reducing environmental impact through energy innovation and technology.The app will crowd-source from participants of the 2017 Singapore International Energy Week (23-27 October).

Through the PowerZee app, users log their efforts to reduce their energy consumption, from turning off the lights to using the stairs instead of the elevator. For each effort, the user earns points.

The app has been used at Nanyang Technical University since 2015 to help students and staff understand the impact of their energy choices, with a goal of reducing energy consumption, water usage, and waste on campus by 35 percent before 2020.

“Having successfully rolled out PowerZee at NTU, our Singapore launch at Marina Bay Sands for SIEW 2017 is a milestone in our next phase of reaching out to commercial properties in Singapore. Research shows that informed energy consumers lead to potential energy savings of between 5 and 15 percent. By educating users on how to cut their energy consumption in a fun, interactive, and social manner, we aim to help facility managers save energy and improve energy efficiency through this customer ‘feedback’ mechanism.”

Etienne Drouet, Director, ENGIE Lab Singapore

PowerZee Innovates How People Evaluate Their Energy Consumption

App users can log their eco-gestures and eco-actions to increase their score within the app or challenge friends to complete an eco-gesture to create a more dynamic community within the app. They will find, create and share everyday tips to reduce energy, water consumption and waste.

Users can also tag places on the app in categories like Food & Drinks, Sport, Culture, Work, Eco-Places, and Shopping. They can rank these places with an eco-grade to share information with the PowerZee community and to help the places see where they can improve their energy usage.

Green Coach Eco-Cards

Each eco-action within the app is assigned to an eco-card with a corresponding impact on the user’s energy consumption. These impacts are ranked from low to high, based on savings in kWh, liters of water, or grams of CO2.

The more that users perform the actions associated with these eco-cards, the more they contribute to energy savings and earns points within the app. These statistics are displayed in an easy-to-see format on the dashboard of each user.

Within the app, these eco-cards are divided into seven categories: water, electricity, heating, cooling, waste, transport, and lighting.

Crowd Sourcing: Hot and Cold Functions

The app can also be used to crowdsource important information, such as comfortable temperatures in individual rooms. Using the Hot and Cold functions, users simply report how they feel by selecting one of three options (Cold/OK/Hot). Facility managers then receive this data and can change the temperature in the corresponding room as needed.

PowerZee at SIEW with ENGIE

During the 2017 Singapore International Energy Week, PowerZee will crowd-source from the event’s participants to gain feedback on hot-cold temperatures of the conference rooms. For every app download and first hot-cold declaration, ENGIE will plant a tree in Sumatra through social enterprise Reforest’Action. Data gathered will be used by facility managers to optimize room temperatures, minimize energy consumption and maximise energy efficiency. 

Download PowerZee from :

PowerZee on Google PlayPowerZee on Apple Store
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