ENGIE, a leader in environmental commitment for the young generation!

By ENGIE - 03 February 2022 - 18:07

At a time where young workers seek meaning in their careers and to be part of a company that is committed to the common good, the CSR study conducted by the Universum firm is full of lessons to draw from. Environmental issues have become more important than ever... and ENGIE is ranked highest among companies in the CAC 40 that are committed to this area. A closer look…


Acting for a fairer and more sustainable world... Recent studies and surveys show that Millennials are looking for meaning and seek to join a company that has a positive impact. The study carried out by Universum – a Swedish firm specialising in employer branding – involved 600 students and young workers*, and draws a similar conclusion. When questioned about the three CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) pillars, i.e. environmental, social and economic, three environment-related items are at the top of the list in terms of priority: the commitment to waste management and develop recycling, the transition towards a model that limits its impact on the planet and the promotion of biodiversity. 


ENGIE in France’s top three

Emboldened by its purpose which aims to bring together economic performance with positive impacts for people and the planet, ENGIE is among the companies that are actively contributing to the advance of the environmental issue. And this has been noted by those who were questioned by Universum: among CAC 40 companies, the Group ranks second, behind Carrefour and ahead of L’Oréal for its commitments to the three CSR pillars. It is the highest ranking energy company. In terms of the environment, it is ranked first in all categories, be it for women and men, students and young workers. 


“We are, of course, very proud to hold the 2nd place on the podium among the CAC 40 companies. I would like to point out that we are the leading energy company in the ranking, which validates our unique strategic position centred around the energy transition. As students and young workers are increasingly seeking to align their personal convictions with the company’s choices, ENGIE has become a renowned employer that is appreciated for its commitment over these last years. I am convinced that our ambition for decarbonised, sustainable energy that is accessible to all, remains an important factor in attracting new talent.”
Julia Maris, VP Corporate & Social Responsibility


Recognised commitment

What explains this high ranking? When looking closer at the details, the study indicates that what stands out is the Group’s initiatives to develop green energies at attractive prices, to recover energy waste as well as its investments in renewable energies. The participants recognise ENGIE’s action to support the reduction of fossil fuel consumption on a daily basis and to innovate in order to develop renewable energies by encouraging its customers to use them.


* Study carried out online from 25 August to 30 September 2021 on 590 candidates. Panel composed of 56% women and 44% men, 56% young workers and 44% students, 65% university students and 35% students from grandes écoles (higher education institutions).


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