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Energy solutions to run your swimming pool for less

Managers of water parks: your swimming pools use a lot of energy, so it is essential that you select and optimize the best energy solution. Would you like to lower your bills while maintaining the same standard of hygiene, safety, and comfort for your swimmers? With natural gas and renewable energies, ENGIE has a range of solutions guaranteed to deliver optimized energy performance.

“My energy bills are sky high because of my pool. How can I reduce my bills while maintaining maximum comfort for my customers?”

Natural gas cogeneration

Our first suggestion would be cogeneration. The concept is a simple one, in which a boiler powered by natural gas produces both heat and electricity simultaneously. A combustion engine powers an alternator that produces the two kinds of energy.

Furthermore, with a condensing boiler the heat that escapes with the exhaust gases does not just dissipate into the air. Instead, it is used to produce hot water, leading to big savings on fuel. The electricity is used for lighting and air-conditioning.

Mini-cogeneration for an enhanced energy yield

Some mini-cogeneration solutions are particularly well-suited to public buildings: mini fuel cells generate electricity and heat by catalyzing methane molecules, and Stirling engine mini-cogeneration uses natural gas to produce electricity and heat with very low emissions and minimal noise.

These two mini-cogeneration solutions can be used alone or in tandem. By doing so, a swimming pool can generate its own energy, with an energy yield of up to 160%!

Solar thermal or photovoltaic boilers

This is another possible solution in which energy from natural gas is topped up with solar energy produced on-site. The combination of a natural gas condensing boiler and solar heating provides a sustainable alternative for your water park’s hot water.

Two kinds of solar energy are available. These are:

  • Solar thermal panels installed at the pool’s filtration circuit outflow. The pool’s pump directs water towards these panels where it absorbs the heat that they have stored before being pumped back into the pool
  • Photovoltaic solar panels on installed on the roof, which recover energy from the Sun’s rays to heat water in a tank.

Bespoke solutions for sustainable and affordable pools

Through its subsidiaries ENGIE Axima, ENGIE Cofely and ENGIE Ineo, ENGIE offers a range of dedicated services, all installed by water park experts. To improve energy performance, a combination of the local and renewable energy production solutions described above may be used: mini-cogeneration, solar thermal and photovoltaic, but also low energy and/or automated lighting, condensing boiler, heat pump, hot and cold network, grey and/or rainwater recovery, etc.

ENGIE can also take care of water treatment, air-conditioning, and building services (cleaning, lighting, fire safety, etc.), and if necessary renovate or refurbish your facilities to bring them into line with current thermal and technical requirements. Energy performance contracts may also be added, with quantified promises on energy reduction and environmental impact.

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