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Science and innovation beyond energy : When human and artificial intelligence join forces to advance genetic science

In October 2018, 14 ENGIE engineers and 14 scientists from the Pasteur Institute came together for 48 hours to improve a tool for measuring DNA.

A hackathon – a portmanteau term formed from “marathon” and “hack” – brings together developers and specialists who compete against each other to carry out a programming project in a limited time.

Three teams made up of a combination of Pasteur scientists and ENGIE employees competed with each other in a hackathon intended to develop a mathematical algorithm for analyzing precise genetic data.

A crossover between mathematics and genetics, this experiment was yet another demonstration of ENGIE’s desire to play a concrete part in achieving harmonious progress, beyond energy alone.

On this occasion, it was the specific skills of teams from ENGIE Global Energy Management (GEM) in machine learning that proved valuable for the scientists and resulted in the creation of an algorithm that the researchers will employ on a routine basis.

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ENGIE and Institut Pasteur hold a joint hackathon to advance genetic science
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