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Smart Flat, the first pilot system for a Community Daycare Center for elderly people in China

ENGIE and IDP Santé have collaborated in the launch of a new system to help accurately measure the dynamism and wellbeing of elderly people in China. The pilot program of this system, called “Smart Flat”, will be introduced on March 5 of this year at the Lidou Community Center, an elderly care facility in Beijing. Lidou will use the system to help care for about 2,000 local people over the age of 65.

ENGIE has responded to the growing need for eldercare in China by launching Smart Flat, a system that helps track the movement and wellbeing of elderly people at home.

Smart Flat was developed after five years of research led by ENGIE and in collaboration with CNRS, the French national research body. It is part of ENGIE’s comprehensive solutions for the Cities of Tomorrow. The system, which is designed to be used at home as well as in centers like Lidou, tracks the dynamism and behavior of elderly people, using sensors to observe when they are standing, walking, or wandering. The system provides the ability for caregivers to keep track of elderly people’s wellbeing, quickly noting, for example, if a person has fallen.

The system will be particularly useful in China, where the geriatric care industry has been steadily expanding over the past few years. Currently, 222 million Chinese citizens, or approximately 16 percent of the nation’s population, are aged over 60 years old *.

A 2015 study in the International Journal of Nursing Sciences found that empty-nest elderly people in China had “considerable needs for daily living, health care, and social support in China.”** As a result, centers like Lidou, which provide support, care, and entertainment to the elderly, have been increasing in popularity to help support older people living in urban centers, specifically those who live alone.

IDP Santé, working in collaboration with ENGIE, will provide the Smart Flat devices to Lidou and will hire and train the necessary medical employees to operate the system successfully.

To explain IDP Santé’s philosophy, Serge LE FAUCHEUR, CEO of IDP Santé often quotes “To fight aging is, as far as possible, to give up nothing. Neither work, nor travel, nor shows, nor books, nor gluttony, nor love, nor dreams.”

“This is our first pilot system targeting e-health and silver economy in China,” says Charlotte Roule, Chairperson & CEO of ENGIE China. “This illustrates that we can fully rely on ENGIE Group’s rich experience and know-how, accumulated for years in 70 countries around the world, which relate not only to renewable energy, or to district heating & cooling, but also to the use of innovation in other fields to provide solutions for people.”

*Source: China Daily Asia.

**Source: ScienceDirect.

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